Finishes and coatings for a stylish bathroom


It tends to be the eternal forgotten when personalizing the home. Perhaps it is because the bathroom does not tend to be as huge a space as other rooms in the house or because it does not receive as much light. Although, of course, everything depends on the type of housing in question.

However, an easy gesture can completely edit our bathroom: from a subtle and little entertaining scope to a gazette one. How? With the most outstanding finishes and coatings for the bathroom. Take note!


Refreshing blue

Tiles on both floors and walls are a great solution to stylishly accessorize and update the bathroom. There are endless designs to choose from. But if you want to create an inviting atmosphere, nothing better than opting for the tiles in refreshing blue color.

This tonality transmits tranquility and relaxation. In addition to this, by evoking the beauty of the sea and beach sites, the blue also refreshes the decoration. However, if the bathroom is small, our advice is that you opt for a light and luminous blue, preferably without enough designs and patterned foundations.


Scaled design

Commenting on patterns and designs inspired by the underwater planet, another inclination to cover the walls and the floor of your bathroom are the marine causes. We find ourselves referring to flake tiles.

These designs create contrasts and add textures that add an irrepressible touch of style to the bathroom. Thus, the tiles become the huge main characters in the decoration of this space. For this reason, it is recommended that the rest of the furniture and accessories be minimalist and sober designs. A trick? Decorate with flake tiles a certain region of the bathroom that you want to emphasize, such as a part of the sink.


Geometry for a cool bathroom

For a bath in vintage version, nothing superior than tiles with geometric foundations, such as zigzag patterns. These designs are in trend, which will add a very trendy touch to your bathroom.

Fundamentals that triumph more than anything in neutral tones, such as black, cream, beige … Geometric designs have the power to edit and give life to an interior, so that, in the previous situation, it is advisable select a furniture and subtle accessories to avoid overloading the decoration with too many textures that will compete with each other.


Easy timeless distinction

The next initiative is perfect for those who want to line the bathroom with ease and timeless distinction. We are talking about a ceramic wall tile in warm earth tones that bring light and tranquility to this area, thus creating a very relaxing atmosphere.

We have the possibility to select tiles that imitate some material such as stone or marble effect. But yes, remember that the much lighter the tone of the tiles, the more light and spaciousness we will get in the bathroom.

Black and white

Do you dare to combine? If you are looking for an amazing and unexpected effect in your bathroom decoration, nothing better than the opposite poles. How? As simple as combining black and white.

The white tiles will help you to gain light in the bathroom, while the black will let you highlight some element or region of this room: such as the sink. An attractive alternative option to edit the decoration of this stylish space. What style do you stay with? When selecting, do not forget to take into consideration your bathroom gender, the style you want and the effect you want to find.

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