Feng Shui Colors for a Bathroom in Harmony

Due to the excess of water and the cold environment by nature, among many other things, the bathroom belongs to the much more problematic spaces at the time we talk about Feng Shui. But with the appropriate colors paired with the correct finishes and materials, we have the potential to achieve a positive Feng Shui environment.

And that is what we are going to see now: Appropriate colors for a Feng Shui bathroom, their characteristics, and how you can mix them to get an effective Feng Shui bathroom. We begin:

Feng Shui colors for the bathroom

Earth tones.

Colors for a Feng Shui bathroom: Earth tones

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Earth tones are several of the much warmer colors out there. For this reason they are appropriate for a bathroom supported by Feng Shui, as they provide the necessary warmth and transform the space into a warm and pleasant space.

Thus, if you want to «raise the temperature» of your bathroom and make a serene space, bet on earth tones.

There are other colors that are still much warmer and that we will observe much later, but they are much more “belligerent” and powerful. For this reason, you can start to contemplate the earth tones, if you do not want to put a lot at risk.

Warm whites.

Colors for a Feng Shui bathroom: Warm whites

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If the earth tones are many, since you want a white bathroom, then choose tones of warm white.

There are many shades of white, many indeed. Some have blue pigmentation, making them pure whites that leave an unusual whiteness, but they are cool.

On the other hand, we have whites that have ocher pigmentation, which are much brighter and have a pleasant hue.

The latter are the ones that are of interest to you if you want a white bathroom but supported by Feng Shui.

If you use a pure white or whites with cold character pigmentations, you will create a space that is too cold and not pleasant.


Colors for a Feng Shui bathroom: Yellow

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Just above I said that there are other colors that are considerably warmer than earth tones and warm whites, but that were also much more belligerent and powerful.

Well, yellow is one.

It is an ideal color for a Feng Shui bathroom, especially if the bathroom is in the southwest of the Bagua map of your house.

Of course, apply it carefully. An all yellow bathroom can be elevated.

But well mixed, a yellow bathroom is a warm, bright space with an illusory character.

An acceptable combination would be the one we observe above these lines, where a nice medium yellow (hot color) has been mixed with a medium blue (cold color), creating a bathroom in harmony, balanced and very ornamental.


Colors for a Feng Shui bathroom: Green

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Among the much more appropriate colors for a Feng Shui bathroom is green. And, according to the Bagua map, if the bathroom is north of it, much higher. Green is a relaxing color like few others, fresh and represents fertility and promise.

Of course, it must also be said that green is a cold color, while it is in the cold part of the chromatic circle. This means that it should be accompanied by warm elements, such as wood or textiles that balance the space, since a bathroom is cold by nature.

You can also add metal accents, and if they are gold, the better, since they add much more warmth.


Colors for a Feng Shui bathroom: Blue

Dulux Photography and Colors

Slow shades of blue, such as light blue, pastel or soft blue are colors that go spectacular in a Feng Shui bathroom. Anyway, if applied properly, they work well in any bathroom, but here we are talking about a bathroom supported by Feng Shui.

With characteristics related to green, blue is also a cold color by nature. So he swears to add warm elements or combine it with certain warm color accents such as yellow so that the bathroom does not result in a cold space.


Colors for a Feng Shui bathroom: Lilac and violet

Behr Colors: Petal Tip | Bit Of Sugar | Fortune

Soft or much stronger lilac tones, such as violet tones, are also an ideal color for a Feng Shui bathroom. And if the bathroom is located in the southeast of the Bagua map, then quite a bit higher.

These colors are born from the mixture of red and blue, so they are warm and also cold. They are balanced colors that go spectacular when they are mixed with natural elements such as wood, plants, vegetable fibers, etc.

Mint green.

Colors for a Feng Shui bathroom: Mint green or mint

Photography A Shade of Teal Instagram @katy_ashadeofteal

If green is a corresponding color for a Feng Shui bathroom, mint green or much fresher and faster shades of green, such as the one we see above these lines, it is also.

These shades of green continue to be relaxing and serene, but they are less heavy and much faster, creating environments in line with them, and much more luminous as well.

Obviously, mint green or other quick green tones are also cold colors, so if you paint or put tiles in your bathroom mint green, you also swear to add natural elements such as wood or vegetable fibers (rattan, wicker, raffia , etc.) to offer warmth to the bathroom and that you do not have a very cold space.


Colors for a Feng Shui bathroom: Turquoise

Entrepreneurship of Vjacheslav Zhugin and Olga Ursulenko

According to the principles of Feng Shui, if the bathroom is located in the west or north-west of the Bagua map of your house, turquoise is a great Feng Shui color for the bathroom.

Turquoise is a color that is born from the mixture of green and blue. And, as we saw, the two colors are conducive to a Feng Shui bathroom.

As you can imagine, this color is also in the cool part of the color wheel, so remember to add warm elements to gain and add warmth.

You can also add clay or ceramics that give warmth and are appropriate for this color in Feng Shui.


Colors for a Feng Shui bathroom: Purple

Dulux Photography and Colors

It is not a color that I like, but it is true that if the bathroom is located in the southeast on the Bagua map of the house, it is a corresponding color, just like lilacs, violets or other much softer shades of purple as we saw before .

In addition to this, it is a color that according to Feng Shui it is advisable to combine it with shades of medium blue.

But leaving Feng Shui foreign, and with this color I will make this reservation, purple is a very intense color with a lot of personality. What does this mean?

That you apply it carefully, and if you combine it with others, or put it only as an accent, instead of applying it throughout the bathroom, the better, since you are going to have a purple bathroom, but without excesses.


Feng Shui bathroom in wood

If you’ve been reading this far (luckily), you may have realized that warmth is too essential in a Feng Shui bathroom.

With the above mentioned, as you well know, wood is the hottest material there is. It’s not that it’s hot per se, but it is the material that contributes much more warmth to the spaces.

In this way things, regardless of the color for Feng Shui bathrooms you choose, if you add wood, you will be sure.

And do not stay alone in the bathroom, you can also observe the Feng Shui colors for the living room and Feng Shui colors for the bedroom.

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