Fences modern and functional designs with great aesthetics

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Sometimes we stop to look at our garden and we may appreciate that something is missing. The decoration of the entire exterior is special and we have the appropriate furniture. However, one aspect may not be consistent with the style and image we want to achieve, we are talking about fences for the patio or garden.

Modern wooden fences designs over gardens

fences designs suitable inspirations wood patios

There is a huge variety in billboard designs and probable models. You simply have to choose the one that is much more correct for the style of our little oasis. Otherwise it may be the moment to change the one you have. The relevance of the billboards designs and their style is in the same way a serviceable aspect. It is an accessory that will give us greater privacy in our patio.

Fences designs with minimalist style that look spectacular and very fresh

fences designs combinations simple dining rooms lawn

More than anything those that have a less separation between the boards or the metal beams. If you choose a much more open type of trellis, it can be just as private. The mystery is that these kinds of fences designs or styles must be combined with the correct plants. With lush foliage you can find this purpose. There are species such as climbing plants that in combination with fences look ideal.

Combination of materials is common in modern patio fence designs

fences designs combining materials effects plants

In the selection for our patio we must take into account points such as the height of the lot. As well as the region where we have located the seats if we are talking about an outdoor room. In the fences designs and materials, those made of wood are among the multipurpose options. As we can see in the images with them you can offer a modern touch to any garden. In most cases they are the most common, singularly due to the simplicity of their assembly.

Unique geometric styling that certainly creates a huge first impression

fences geometric designs with clear flowers access houses

The kinds of wood used are similarly diverse. Starting from the tropical to our pine with varied textures and tones. For the fences designs and the exteriors, the wood is subjected to treatments that improve its resistance. Especially when wet and the incidence of the sun. We recommend that at the time of purchase you inquire about the regime.

Very elegant solution with nickel-plated framing that occupies only one section of the garden

fences designs interior gravel exposed sections front

The best resolutions are those treated in an autoclave. This kind of wood requires less care, which gives a longer period of exploitation time. Other more affordable alternatives have the possibility to be found but we must use some protection to the wood on our own. Paint or varnish has the potential to extend the life of this kind of fence. Depending on its size and model, this material leaves a simple assembly.

Another particular model supported by the creative use of wooden slats for patios

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You simply have to drive the posts into the ground and prevent the slats from coming into contact with the ground. Over the years they have the possibility of deteriorating much faster if they are in contact with humid areas. If you need a regimen, there are multiple easy ways to do it. Cleaning the area can be done with a file.

Beautiful and minimalist creation with concrete parts and stainless steel tubes

fences designs minimalist tips designs cylinders

This is an effective procedure to remove all the dust that collects in the area. The next step is to use a wood belay and wait for it to dry. Then it is finished by applying the varnish on the wood. For the fences style designs that use wood there is a huge range of options to achieve interesting tones.

2 different types that guarantee an uninterrupted view of the entire patio and its design

minimalist glass slats wood view of the patio

Something that can be exploited really well in the design of our patio. In terms of resistance, metal fences can be said to have the top. They are the correct ones if, apart from beauty, the security of the patio is necessary. According to their designs, they create an updated image for our patio. Materials such as corten steel have a unique resistance to the passage of time and are extremely beautiful.

Wood gives endless color compositions for modern fence design

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Models with ornamental foundations on the bars are equally attractive. For the fences, modern designs with metal are an aspect with a certain sculptural charm. In contrast to the wooden ones, the installation requires a bit much more work. They are screwed into the ground for better security in accordance with the weight. If they are not made of corten steel, they can be colored to enhance their strength.

A simple pattern with another color variation accentuating between the design slats

billboards designs numbers invitations gray colors

For those of us who have little time to care for, we recommend PVC fences. It has an enormous ornamental effect and, compared to wood, they resist the incidence of rain and other components better. Another point in their favor is that these fences designs and style need a simple assembly. In the same way, they are recommended for patios with swimming pools due to their resistance to corrosion. They have to be screwed to the ground at the moment of assembly similar to the metal ones.

Incredible wooden design that blends the entrance door with great naturalness

fences door designs samples style colors merged doors

As a much cheaper variation to PVC, in the same way, those made of polypropylene are marketed. We are talking about a particular type of plastic that stands out for its resistance to direct sunlight. There are rustic environments in which the best resolutions for fences are stones. Gabions are one of the modern ways to do it. We are talking about stones contained in a kind of metal nets.

Variation made entirely of corten steel with a huge sculptural effect

corten steel outdoor spaces gardens gates

In terms of walls, they are a huge complement to outdoor spaces with an industrial design. When choosing the type of fence, study the entire landscape and views as well. Try that your fence does not become an obstacle to enjoy the landscape. There is no better solution than glass to continue enjoying a view of the pool or the sea.

Another style using corten steel with cut-out figures similar to branches

steel corten gray linens elegant natural images

In the same way, it will be possible to deny the effect of gusts of wind and sustain the lighting. If in general we are not concerned about the coasts, some of the preceding materials will work wonders for us. It is enough that the design guarantees the correct privacy if that is our intention. Outdoor lounges are often integrated into the patio design.

Corten steel has many options and its strength makes it perfect for fences

acro corten low grasses gardens recreation areas

The fences designs and styles for this region must be of lower height. The main thing is that the effect of the wind on this area of ​​the patio stops. The locations where you walk or in the situation of the kitchens in the outside need of models of greater height. An essential aspect is that it does not look like a distant aspect of the style of your patio. Hence, we recommended wood for its ability to work with color.

Modern area with a different fence with a certain industrial look in its style

industrial aspect grass concrete base materials

Apart from its effect and also a natural image, perfect for open spaces. The harmony of the fence can be based on a combination of color with the furniture, to serve as an example. There are colors like white that are a huge mark of distinction in various styles. Other cases such as green or blue are another huge initiative. In the case of a large area, they have the possibility of combining with models of lower height.

Another exhibits cold industrial cutting with certain steel cables fixed to the columns.

cables stainless steel lights motifs bricks

Fences for a region with plants and flowers are among the variations that look beautiful. If you are looking for a different way to protect your patio and gain privacy, lattices are another suggestion. As a variation to the fences there is an enormous abundance in materials such as PVC and even iron. The perfect complement to the lattices on the site of the rails are plants.

The combination of wood in light tone and its texture highlights the natural image of the patio

clear shades exterior silloes trails colors

The bushes of medium size or the climbers as we stated at the beginning. The same happens if they were metal fences with huge gaps. Hedges or flowering plants will assist in making more privacy. This is a decision with a direct relationship to our claims. With what you have to appreciate how is the use of our fence in a general sense. In general uses, the first is the most frequent, safeguarding the entrance to our home.

Materials such as concrete and wood look unbeatable when used in gardens

combination of materials glass concrete rocks facades

It must be borne in mind that frequently the journey itself becomes the primary entry into our home. On the other hand, it can be used for the delimitation of a region in a large patio. Understand a play area for the little ones, outdoor lounges or our swimming pool. Otherwise, one of these design and style fences can focus only on giving beauty to our decoration.

Taking advantage of the unevenness of the lot with a wall that is used for climbing and playground games

combined play area wall colorful low spaces

More than anything to the front of the house decorating the exterior and the front garden. Apart from these uses, the search for intimacy is exactly the first of the claims that we have the possibility to combat. Perhaps the challenge is to make our design something aesthetic and useful at the same time.

This is another of the winning compositions in what refers to the use of materials

crystals strips clear special furniture flower pots

Hence, we gather multiple models of different styles. All with a huge touch of modernity and some mixing 2 materials. Have fun with this gallery of projects that may be able to offer you certain ideas for your patio and provide an updated image in the outdoor areas of your home.

A beautiful serviceable creation with a pivot door really well within the design

special entrance modern concepts pivoting slats

Transform fences into the ideal support for plants and patio spotlights

built-in shelves recessed lights outdoor dining rooms

Image of a simple wooden model with huge sculptural effect in a garden

sculptural shapes images plants possible designs

Another of the probable variations with the use of wood, leaving certain spaces free

space plants clear images floors houses environments

Gabions are one of the modern ways to make attractive and strong walls

exterior gabions natural rocks walnuts exterior plants

Interesting initiative of multiple slats that leaves a space at the bottom and the top

fresh light wood materials slats materials

Very elegant design with entrance door to the path that occupies a modern garden with lights

attractive gray gates entrance gardens trails

A finish with a huge artistic clash that in addition to this leaves the air circulation

slats samples special colors rocks artistic finishes

Lamps are a simple way to enhance the style and design of the fence at night

built-in lights style concepts designs recessed lights

A creative sample case of the effect of multiple light sources combined in the patio space

luminaires included special materials bridges woods

Wooden elements on a concrete block base in a staggered manner

minimalist amazing space samples cool doors

Creative and beautiful with a vertical line finish and a wood-like texture

modern compacted special material images

System with wooden slats that create an attractive effect throughout the patio design

modern patio light wood decorations armchairs for sunbathing

Cold initiative for a very particular wall from a vertical garden with creative shapes

living wall vertical gardens images armchairs patios

The warm and natural effect of wood is perfect for the front of the house and its design

exterior walls prints furniture front houses

An effect of vetical and horizontal lines putting the paintings in different situations

sunny patios furniture outdoor gardens settings

Another design of modern paintings located at the bottom of the planters with low plants

plants pots images styles colors trails houses

A staggered sequence with wood and natural rocks adapted to this whole lot

rocks wood images impressive natural houses

Artistic and beautiful combination of wooden walls and corten steel statues in the courtyard

soil path gravels outdoor spaces materials

Vertical metallic shapes that also have a sculptural air in the garden design

variant wall concepts situations image stickers

Modern using wood with gray paint, Denver Modern Fence design

gray blaoques wood bricks modern shapes

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