Essential essentials for a magazine bath


They are practical, versatile, stylish and, in addition to this, inclined! At Ideasdehogar we want to present you the essential essentials for a gazette bath. From the much more functional pieces to the much more ornamental ones.

Trends are also present in the bathroom, you just have to understand looking. Do you want to discover them? In such a case, write down the ones that we propose to you now: they are practical, simple to hold, resistant to humidity and very cool. Happy new bathroom!

Ladder shelving

We recently saw them in all kinds of ready-made publications, shopping catalogs, and many other sites. We are talking about ladder type shelving, open or leaning against the wall. A part so versatile, practical and inclined that it is present both in the bathroom and in the kitchen, in the bedroom and even in outdoor spaces.


A magnificent solution of order, since they only fill space thanks to their design: they are narrow, with which they have the possibility of putting in any small corner of the bathroom, but being tall pieces they have multiple scenarios in which we have the possibility to save our periodic employment supplements. Another enormous virtue is that they do not have doors or drawers, so we always have the most used pieces at our fingertips. For this reason, ladder shelves are a great initiative to personalize the bathroom. Of course, keep this space in order and with cute storage accessories.

The multifunction stools

As a plus stool in the bathroom, as a makeshift table to help, to enter the much higher corners of the bathroom … Stools are truly useful pieces in the home and, naturally, they are also useful in the bathroom. To add a trendy touch to this space, at Ideasdehogar we advise you scandi designer stools. You will easily recognize them for their fast and light design, with thin legs, pastel colors and high quality materials such as solid wood.

But in addition to this, the benefit of selecting pieces in natural materials is that they really resist humidity and temperature changes, so common in the bathroom. Cotton, wicker, tropical wood and other related materials are as practical as they are ornamental.


Baskets in natural fibers

Another traditional bathroom decoration. The baskets of rattan, wicker and any other natural fiber have earned a right place in the home. They are truly practical pieces to store all kinds of accessories, as well as towels, plaids, cushions, gazettes …

If you use them in the bathroom, they are ideal for storing dirty clothes and also to store a set of towels replacement. They can be put in any small corner, under the sink cabinet or next to it, behind the bathroom door or in any small unexploited corner. In any room, wicker baskets are practical and highly ornamental.

Designer tiles and gold sparkles

If we talk about wall decoration, tiles with designs and color data are a great solution to add a chic touch to our bathroom. The vitamin tones and the prints geometric to dress a bathroom in the latest fashion. A highly recommended material for this space, since it resists moisture, is simple to clean and durable.


A trick to accessorize with it? Choose a design in harmony with the environment and that fits the specifications of your bathroom. A colour white to gain amplitude or colored designs to offer a trendy touch to the area. If you choose attractive pieces, our advice is to place them on a bathroom wall that you want to highlight.

And if you want to show off a much more complex gazette bathroom, remember to add golden sparkles. Gold has once again taken over the decoration of the house, in fact that of the bathroom. Golden taps, wall lights, knobs and furniture with data in gold… If you opt for this inclination, our advice is that white prevails in the rest of the decoration, even if it is with paint or tiles of this color.

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