Easy crafts – how to make original planters

antique white metal canopy bed

Looking for an original way to personalize your garden? Look no further, today we are showing twenty-five ideas of easy crafts to make great planters and pots for your plants by recycling old furniture and items. Generally, any object can be useful as an ornament for the garden, it is enough to meditate on how it can be given a beautiful and natural appearance.

Easy crafts for the garden

overturned tub planter plants

For the planters in particular we require more than anything deep containers as well as buckets, bottles, boxes, carts or even old bathtubs. Metal products are also great to complement plant locations in our garden. Certain metal furniture manages to give a very modern and retro touch.

Ornamental planters for plants

bicycle plants poster colors

Bicycles make a wonderful decoration to hang flower pots with colorful flowers. In certain establishments they sell bicycles intended exclusively for use as planters, however, we always encourage customers to make their designs since the result will be considerably more satisfactory.

Wooden furniture to decorate gardens

old bed wood planter plants

Wooden furniture is great for decorating outdoor spaces. As we can see in certain images, putting certain elements hidden among the undergrowth we have the possibility of finding a fabulous fairy tale look since the sites appear to be left, practically like the palace of the beautiful recumbent.

Planter carried out with an old metal bed

old bed metal flowers deo

In the photograph above we can see a fantastic example of a planter made from the composition of an old metal bed, isn’t it excellent? Truly any daily object is embellished by being adorned with plants and flowers, and it happens that there is no better ornament than our nature.

Planter carried out with an acquisition cart

original metal planter shopping cart

Also this acquisition car, an element so common that it would not be able to attract our attention if it did not have an interior full of life. Today we encourage you to select those items that you have at home waiting to be thrown away and also try to provide them with a new job to decorate the garden, it will be entertaining.

Chest of drawers transformed into planter

chest of drawers with three wooden floors

You can do the same with old dressers and cabinets. You can use the drawers to make the planters. For that you will have to open the drawers to a point creating a staggered way and you will have to fill the interior with soil to plant the plants. Likewise, the much more prominent box will be the one with the much smaller plantations and the much lower one will have the much larger plantations.

Metal cube planters

metal buckets wheels pots plants

On the other hand, the metal buckets can also be transformed into places where you can plant your flowers. To provide them with a much more up-to-date image, you can provide them with a paint cover and then move on to planting. You have to take into consideration that the hanging plants are going to look really good especially if we talk about huge and tall cubes.

Planter carried out with a cello

easy cello planter crafts

On the other hand, a very cheerful and very elegant way in the decoration of gardens with authentic flowers and planters can be found using a cello. For that you will have to eliminate the part of the top of the instrument to be able to plant the flowers and to make it much more attractive you can tilt it. This will create the feeling that we are talking about a waterfall of flowers.

Home ornamental plants and elements

easy crafts garden plants

In addition to this, when it comes to garden decoration, you can use many types of ornamental data such as figures and baskets with which you can make easy crafts. The baskets have the possibility of being useful to put the pots inside. You have to take into consideration that some wicker baskets will give a very elegant appearance to your garden and those that are made of metal can be colored by giving them the image you want.

Old and rusty elements to decorate gardens

easy crafts old rusty bathtub

On the other hand, each and every one of the elements and furniture that you have in your house in which it can be planted are appropriate to make authentic gardens. For that they have the possibility of being useful even the bathtubs that have a capacity for the earth. Likewise, you can plant much larger flowers and you can choose to make plantations with different types of flowers and colors.

Old metal bed with plants and moss

easy crafts metal moss bed

On the other hand, in gardens where you want there to be much more greenery, you can use furniture with much larger surfaces. The beds are very appropriate for these decorations and besides this they are very authentic. You can contemplate your bed with moss and in this way add the greenery you want to your garden. In addition to this, this initiative is also very good for gardens in which you want the green color to prevail over the rest of the tones.

easy crafts typewriter plants

In addition to this, with the writing machines you can also carry out some easy crafts by removing the top cover of the machine. The interior of this you will have to complete with earth and plant your flowers. However, you have to take into consideration that for each and every one of these ideas you must guarantee the plants a corresponding drainage.

easy crafts old sofa planter

To carry out the drainage of these easy crafts, the highlight is that you make some holes in the bottom part of the furniture or what will be your planter. Likewise, the water will run off and the plants will not rot. Besides this, we have to take into consideration that abundant water for plants is just as bad as the scarcity of exactly the same.

easy waterfall piano crafts

bedside table with drawers pink

abandoned dining room furniture weeds

old bathtub table planter terrace

rake nailed floor table jartdin

old chair metal plants

wicker chair plants planter

old chair wood pot plants

old chair metal planter plants

chunk planter chair wall

old wooden cart converted planter

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