Discover what is the Ikebana or Japanese floral art


Nature gets a life of its own in those homes that strengthen floral ornamentation as a unique language. A communication that expresses feelings, beauty and harmony. There are different flower arranging trends to inspire you to jump-start your imagination. The Ikebana, the japanese floral art, is within the propositions that we mention in this article in Ideasdehogar. This experience highlights the ornamental aspect of flowers that form a special group through their composition. The sum of the data of that creation, both from the perspective of colors and materials, gives a corner to a way of perfection.

Flowers express feelings


A perfection that becomes the visual center of that area exhibited by this flower arrangement. Through this image, the flowers travel their path visually through the movement of their lines. As we commented on other occasions in Home ideas, there is an incessant connection between the home environment, and the sensitive flat, since this is a space in which a life undertaking is carried out.

Since well, this link between the aesthetic and the spiritual is also found in this imagination that the creator realizes at the moment in which it is nurtured in the realization of a creation through observation. There are fundamental elements that it puts into practice in this development. Among the much more important is time. A time lived since patience. In other words, this flower arrangement is related to a philosophy.

The examples chosen in the article have the possibility of serving as inspiration to make your particular work through this floral language that contributes light to your home. The realization of a flower arrangement of these specifications exposes the art inseparable from this unique development.

It is essential that the end result of this floral composition is the expression of harmony as a fundamental term. If you love flowers, and you want to redecorate your living room with a touch of color, this inspiration is a sample case of motivation. An inclination with which to break the routine by rediscovering the floral cosmos from an exclusive look.



The flowers are the genuine main characters in this creative development that gives rise to projects in which beauty is aligned with the essence of ease. Simplicity at its finest highlights the distinction of these creations. The elements that make up this group are an evocation of harmony as you can see in all these examples.

This kind of floral art makes room for unique projects that form beautiful natural shapes.

Flowers and branches


Apart from using flowers as the huge main characters in this floral composition, you can also fill this design with branches. The philosophy of this practice connects with the value of mindfulness.

That is, this mode of observation capacity the connection with the present, the precision in the data and the search for nuances that go beyond the apparent. This is one of the reasons why this creative exercise is also a source of comfort for those who reveal the benefits of sensitive expression.

Japanese floral art


This floral art lives a new rebirth with the importance of this inclination that contributes volume, rhythm, movement, color and feelings to the sensitive decoration of your house. This practice nurtures your comfort through contact with nature, the exercise of imagination and mindfulness as an expression of mindfulness.

What other benefits of this flower arrangement would you like to comment on now? The civilization of Japan is an incessant inspiration in decoration.

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