Decorating the garden for Christmas

Christmas tree in the garden

It may still seem very far away, but at least you wait for it, you will be opening gifts, eating nougat and offering for the new year. Yes, the Christmas It is very close, so it is preferable that you begin to meditate on such essential issues as the things that you are going to request from the Three Wise Men, the menu that you will offer to your relatives throughout the lunches and dinners that you celebrate at home or the decoration of your home.

To give you a hand with this last task, in Home ideas Now we have shown you the IKEA Christmas catalog and we gave you several ideas to personalize the kitchen, but between now and this particular season we are going to offer you a lot of advice and also much more ideas to decorate each and every one of the corners of your home. Today we are going to start with the garden and the rest of the outdoor areas, which you will also have to decorate if you want your home to feel the authentic spirit of Christmas. Do you like to join us? You will not regret!

Christmas plants

The first thing you should think about when decorating your garden for Christmas is the trees and plants typical of this season of the year. Of course, if you have enough space, an excellent initiative is to put the tree Christmas abroad. The ideal thing is that you have your fir tree and that you decorate it with ornaments and lights so that the whole planet can see it. In addition to this, you can use plants such as poinsettia, holly, sesame or poinsettia.



Undoubtedly, among the much more essential elements when decorating a garden for Christmas is lighting. So apart from making sure that you have enough plugs and cables and that they are ready to be outdoor, you should choose lights that do not manage to damage the trees and plants that you have in your outdoor spaces. In the market you will be able to locate Christmas lights of each and every one of the shapes and colors, flashing, with congratulations … You will be able to put them, among other alternatives, on the Christmas tree, around the house, on the plants and bushes or forming a path. You will not have to forget about the candles, elements typical of Christmas. You will be able to put them on the table, on the windowsill, on the sides of the porch stairs … A great idea is to put them in lanterns.

Christmas garden lighting

Christmas decorations

Apart from the tree, plants and lights, you will be able to customize the exterior locations of your home with all kinds of Christmas decorations. To serve as an example, in the situation of the balconies and windows, you can hang figures of Santa Claus and the Three Wise Men. Another good initiative is to put all over the garden boxes wrapped with gift paper (you can make them yourself or buy them in common decoration stores). As regards the Christmas tree or the plants, you will be able to decorate them with colored balls, garlands, lights … Another traditional Christmas is the reindeer, which you will be able to put anywhere in the garden. The much more common are those that are illuminated. Obviously, you will be able to put all kinds of illuminated decorations. When it comes to personalizing at Christmas, you don’t have to forget that the usual colors are red, green, gold, silver and white.

The most essential thing is that you get ornaments that are completed in materials that withstand the inclement of the time so that they do not spoil after a couple of days of decorating your garden. In addition to this, you will have to be very careful with excesses.

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