Decorating the garden according to feng shui

zen garden

The feng shui It is an oriental practice widely used to produce a feeling of harmony and calm in the environment. Not long ago this practice was also associated with decoration and became a style of its own. At the moment it is not strange to enter a house and find the room, bathroom or kitchen decorated according to the principles of feng shui. However, there is a space in the house that is truly corresponding to house this style. There is talk of the garden.

A tip to customize this region of the house according to the oriental principles is to preserve the vegetation in good condition. You will have to carefully protect the plants and trees that you place in the garden so that their leaves do not dry out, to serve as an example. Keep in mind that vegetation is a fundamental section of the home and a fundamental point of balance in the principles of feng shui.

The relevance of vegetation

The trees They are fundamental in Zen decoration and you should understand their symbolism. If you have to plant any of them in your garden, the highlight is that you opt for pines and bamboos, since they are considered noble trees; while fruit trees provide a concept of vitality and economic abundance.


And in addition to the greenery, it would be highly advisable to fill the decoration with some source or stream whereby the water moves independently. Water is an important factor in feng shui, more than anything to achieve a sense of harmony.

As previously discussed, feng shui is used to produce a feeling of harmony, But the flows of nature to achieve this do not always go straight online, so in the garden you will have to make paths so that that good energy can move freely. You can make your special corner of peace.

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