Decorate Your Small Bathroom: Ideas And Photos

Animating certain areas of the house is a fun and imaginative task and it happens that there is always and at all times a personal aspect that we do not want to be missing.

The bathroom is an area that is used to relax, a shower with abundant foam can make us forget the hectic day we had or a day of deep heat that we managed to get home with the sole initiative of feeling the freshness that we had lost.

But, in what way to carry out so that our bathroom looks like a real spa even when the space is small. Let’s see that it can be done.


Colors for the Small Bathroom

Light colors always and at all times will give us a feeling of spaciousness but do not think that because of the small space we are going to miss the pleasure of offering style and color, in relation to the base tone we will choose the contrast tone that most of Sometimes they are in tones that emit freshness and resemble nature, these nuances will help us to select the themes of the ceramic curtains and other accessories for our bathroom.


Focal point

Choose the region that you would like to highlight the most and become the focal point of your bathroom to capture instant attention to this region. As a general rule it is the region of the laundry or the region of the shower. Here we could apply a color accent or certain decorations according to the chosen theme. Metallic bathroom accessories go well with modern and contemporary bathrooms.


Maximize Space

As part of the purpose of decorating a small bathroom is to maximize the use of free space, it is positive that we have the possibility of having a cabinet with divisions under the sink. Vertical spaces also give us an acceptable option for the placement of quite functional and useful shelves or shelves. But, try to use them in moderation, thanks to the fact that they have the possibility of occupying all the little free space.


The furniture under the sink usually takes up a lot of space, especially when the area is very small, as an alternative option you can use the sinks against the wall or the pedestal ones.


Speculum and also Lighting

The speculum is another efficient solution to personalize your small bathroom. As we understand, they reflect light and the scope looks much larger than it is. A speculum with an impressive frame over the sink is very common, especially if they hide storage cabinets. Do not forget to put lights on or to the sides of the speculum, beautiful ornamental lamps will help to see you better and counteract the reflection of the central or primary light of the area.


Ornamental Accessories

The curtains in light tones will give an attractive reflection of light, they have the possibility of having a design or pattern but always and at all times taking care that they are subtle so as not to overload the decoration. If perhaps you find it much more practical or you think that it suits your style much more, you can also opt for sliding glass doors with transparency, the space will look much more extensive.


Customizing your bathroom with an accent color will help to enliven singularly when we have neutral or visible walls. Everything depends on the theme chosen for your decoration. Personalizing your small bathroom with marine themes with accessories in turquoise or green slowly the color of the ocean, sand, beige, coral or light blue colors have the possibility of guiding you to make in addition to this a relaxed and relaxed environment.


Offer color to certain elements such as bathroom accessories, rug, towels accompanied by limited ornamental accessories such as shells or starfish, small knobs with sand, to serve as an example.

Now we show you many more ideas to decorate your small bathroom:


bathroom-small-cheerful-colors bathroom-small-long-narrow photo-bathroom-small

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