Decorate with vertical gardens


While the title of this article talks about «customizing» with vertical gardens, Anyway, these gardens have a double function: to beautify walls and to supply us with exquisite herbs, fruits and vegetables. Urban gardens are now beginning to be a situation, more than anything in houses in which any balcony or terrace they have space for citizen gardening.

For the fact that although you may not believe it, an orchard of 4 m2 can supply free vegetables to a family of 4. If you don’t have space on the floor, the vertical option it is also an incredible initiative.

Better, outdoors


In the images you can see how a Vertical orchard you can have enough space to grow a considerable number of varieties. In these photographs the area is outside, and as is logical it is the much more convenient location for vegetables. But if your kitchen is sufficiently radiant, you can also choose an ideal wall to hang the urban garden and grow plants that do not need to be outdoors. An excellent example are the flavored ones: apart from embellishing the wall with their deep green, they will flavor our dishes with their freshness.

5 to 6 hours of sun

To plan your vertical garden, once you have chosen the wall (it should receive between 5 and 6 hours of sun each day) you should choose the species to cultivate. Apart from our wishes there are other things that influence: to serve as an example, the season of the year where you have the garden. Go to a nursery or garden center to obtain the seedlings, and ask for advice from the requested or linked to understand what is much more convenient. The seedlings they have to be put on a seed bed, with the correct soil for the cultivation in particular. Do not forget to start an irrigation plan … And enjoy the beauty and taste of your urban garden.

Photographs: Leroy Merlin.

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