Decorate the bathroom with lots of color with this luminous bathtub.

Essentially, the moment we decide to decorate a space in our house, we start from the base of some object. And as an object, I mean painting, flooring, textiles, and so on. If we want to give an example a green bedroom, first we paint the walls green and starting from that «object» (the painting), we decorate the rest of the bedroom based on that object. It seems that what I am saying has no relation to the radiant bathtub that I bring you today, but yes, wait a moment. If we have this present proposal, and decorate the bathroom based on this radiant bathtubImagine what decoration so … amazing we could get in the bathroom. Without any doubt it would be a completely exceptional bathroom with a much more modern yet futuristic design.

This radiant bathtub So original it has a Plasticryl composition that gives a velvety and slow touch. This kind of material is a rotomoulded polyethylene, a resin that resists shocks, chemical agents, water and gives us enormous durability.

its lighting system running through 4 LEDs that change color passing a huge range of colors like blue, orange, ocher, green, purple and gray. This function that includes this so original bathtub, is held in the chromotherapy, making the baths much more relaxing and stimulating. The best thing is that we have the possibility to choose the color we want in each and every moment thanks to a control that is included with the bathtub or let the bathtub change color automatically. See much more data or get >>

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