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Throughout any season of the year we want to stay outdoors, even in winter to enjoy a fall of snow. For that reason, the way you decorate your garden, porch or patio is paramount. In this compilation we guarantee different ideas for exterior decoration from which you can find the inspiration that is required to make certain changes in your backyard. You can do any style and any scope you want. If you want maximum tranquility, choose the rustic style. The first thing that is needed is rough wood or wicker furniture, rustic tarps for tablecloths or pillows. At this point, you can add any accessory you like: candle holders and lanterns, shabby chic pieces, hunter-style antlers, or natural-style stump tables. You will now find twenty-five warm and friendly ideas for decorate rustic gardens, enjoy the ride.

Authentic ideas to decorate rustic gardens

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If you have a porch you can exploit the hot weather with our guide to creating an outdoor living room. We made this compilation especially for those who choose rustic homes. If you are passionate or a follower of the rustic design style, this compilation is ideal for you, as it will give you countless ideas and inspiration that we hope will be useful for you.. Take a look at these rustic gardens and pay particular attention to focal points and design quirks.

Rustic style garden decoration

rustic style garden decoration

Vintage ornamental elements or disused utensils are ideal to personalize rustic gardens. We talk about old wagons, planters, buckets and all kinds of containers with a classic look that we have the possibility to find. A rustic aspect has to be precautionary but very natural, according to our much more basic pretensions.

Rustic look ornaments

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So if you consider yourself something of a green thumb and think your backyard could employ something of a makeover, here are some ideas that are sure to inspire.

Using old elements to decorate gardens

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But ditch the old potted plants, add some rustic charm to your backyard with creative and captivating garden containers, most of which you’ll find around the house or at your local thrift store.

Rustic patio decor

nice rustic patio decoration

Old old chairs are special pot holders. Old kitchen chairs are simple to find, even much simpler to find than a vintage inspired planter. All you have to do is remove the stool or cut a hole in it, make a wire frame, a line with coconut fiber, fill it with potting mix and your favorite flowers.

Rustic terrace decoration

nice rustic terrace decoration

This group of armchairs and wooden furniture are special for adding a rustic accent to any patio or garden. They look just as amazing on a terrace.

Country house garden design

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Old vintage style planters look better, but bird cages work well for plants too. Make sure there is drainage at the bottom of the cage to allow the plant to progress.

Garden path design

nice garden path design

If you are fortunate enough to be able to get hold of wine barrels, these are going to be a simple and low-maintenance gardening solution, especially if you have limited space and they are sure to look great attached to your garden ladder and garden planters! wagons.

Planter from a wine barrel

wine barrel

Vegetables, flowers and herbs will thrive in a wine barrel planter, proudly showcasing your horticultural talents

Rustic style decor

modern rustic style decoration

To be successful, drill multiple holes in the bottom of the barrel for drainage, add a piece of cloth to fill the bore, and then pour certain stones into the bottom.

Original vintage style wagon

old wagon

Fill the barrel with the planting mix, leaving 2 inches free at the top, now start planting.

Ideas to personalize gardens with rustic elements

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Galvanized metal tubs and buckets are an attractive alternative to the standard potted plant. Be sure to drill holes in the bottom to accept convenient drainage. Use an assortment of different styles and sizes arranged together for the best design.

Authentic ideas to customize rustic gardens

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If you like getting your wine in boxes, or you can get your hands on it at one of your local winery or liquor store, the wine boxes will make very nice planters for your garden. Simply drill certain holes in the bottom for drainage targets, coat with an oil or protective paint for a protective covering, line the interior with a plastic planter liner, and now simply add the plants.

How to decorate rustic gardens

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They don’t have a bird at the moment, but do you still have that cute old bird cage that you just can’t meditate throwing away? Make it a stunning garden part that brings in loads of praise.

great garden corner decoration

The humble wheelbarrow can be edited into an attractive garden part for your backyard. No matter the brand or the style, any wheelbarrow with a paint cover and some pretty plants is going to be a welcome addition to your garden.

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original rustic garden decoration

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patio terrace rustic decor

old rusty steel wheel

barrel table

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