Decorate a small garden

decorate a small garden

Using the fact that spring finally came to our lives and begins to give us its warm rays of sun, it was time to go out to our outdoor spaces like the terrace, the garden or the attic.

Environments that we are going to exploit a lot throughout this spring-summer season. In Ideasdehogar we want to guide you and that is why we have chosen for you some attractive ideas and tricks to decorate small gardens. A celebration awaits us in the garden, will you sign up?

The colors, huge partners

decorate a small garden

As has become common on the decoration planet, colors are essential to create a feeling of spaciousness. The pastel shades and light colors they benefit rest, they help us to feel calm and comfortable and, at the same time, they make our spaces look much more enormous.

So he chooses a color initiative slowly both in textiles and materials. Natural wood, light canvases, easy patterns … All these tricks will help you to offer a touch of freshness to your garden without overloading it with many elements.

The most outstanding furniture

decorate a small garden

Our space is small, so we should not use enough elements. Prioritize your options to decorate with what you really need. A great idea can be to use a relief table decorated in a minimalist version with a vase or candles.

If you do not have enough space, our advice is to use multiple stools or poufs that do not fill enough and can be stored comfortably under your table help or in another corner of the house. Although another attractive alternative to gain meters is the stackable chairs. And the moment you don’t need them, you can put them one on top of the other and exploit that space for other things.

Long live the flowers!

decorate a small garden

Leaving aside the colors and furniture, another fundamental aspect that you also have to estimate for decorate a small garden are the flowers. What are the most appropriate? Knowing that we do not have too many meters, the ideal thing would be to choose small flowers and plants so that they do not take up enough space.

Forget the hanging and climbing plants with several petals and leaves, as their enormous volume will not only take up much more space in your garden, but will also create a feeling of overwhelm. The ideal is to choose small plants or flowers but with charm as if to serve as an example the cacti, the violets, the roses …

Textiles and materials

Textiles are another essential complement in the decoration of our outdoor spaces. Table cloths, napkins, seat cushions or curtains. The ideal thing is to select fabrics such as cotton, which is a natural fiber that is slow, hypoallergenic, simple to clean, strong and also contributes lightness to outdoor environments. But it escapes from thick fabrics like wool, since we seek ease and minimalism in our surroundings.

decorate a small garden

This lightness and comfort must also be found in the materials of our furniture, where it triumphs wood, wicker, iron, aluminum and forging. That is, easy materials for a decoration without huge goals.

By recharging your garden with interesting patterns, intense colors, furniture with fancy pieces and flowers with volume, you will only lose space. On the contrary, opting for accessories and easy furniture will create a visual sensation of lightness and spaciousness.

The way of our garden

decorate a small garden

Finally, before getting your accessories and furniture, you have to keep in mind the way of your garden. Performing a flat can guide you to distribute properly your furniture and accessories to exploit each and every one of the free spaces and corners.

Have our tips been a tool for you? In the images that accompany our product you will find many other ideas. Do not forget to communicate yours with us.

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