Customize the bathroom

customize the bathroom

It is the eternal forgotten of decoration. The bathroom tends to be the most usable and impersonal living space. However, at Ideasdehogar we believe that practical does not mean cold or little entertaining.

If you want to adjust this area with unique data that can edit and give life to your bathroom, write down the ideas we have summarized in this article to adjust the bathroom.

Dressing the bathroom with full-color textiles

In the bathroom, subtle and neutral tones prevail, where white tends to be the main character. This color transmits spaciousness and illumination, since it reflects light better. In addition to this, it is associated with purity. The problem is that it also creates a feeling of coldness.

In this sense, the best solution to add warmth in a slightly entertaining and subtle bathroom is adding brushstrokes of color. At Ideasdehogar we advise you to opt for textiles to add touches of color that dress the bathroom.

The ideal is opt for textiles that keep some harmony with the decoration of the bathroom or with the atmosphere that we want to convey. Marine inspiration, earthly airs in tune with Mother Earth or perhaps a tropical bath. Choose a theme and opt for textiles that help you highlight that style you want to find in your bathroom.

customize the bathroom

Tables, photographs

The bathroom can also be an excellent corner to add accessories that one would not expect to find in this room. For example, pictures, photographs or even unexpected data such as a statue. And for what reason not?

You can put these accessories on a wall in your bathroom that you would like to emphasize. At the same time that the figures or statues you can put them on a help desk or shelf. The initiative is to offer a different touch that helps you make the ultimate look in the bathroom. To serve as an example, if you want a marine decoration, opt for paintings with nautical foundations or figures that refer to the sea.

At Ideasdehogar we are huge fans of nature, hence we advise you to personalize your bathroom with plants and flowers. If you don’t have time to take care of them, nothing better than opting for artificial plants that will help you to offer color to a bath that is not very entertaining.

customize the bathroom

Give yourself plants and flowers

But if you choose to promote naturalness in your bathroom, then yours are the natural plants. Of course, choose plants that love humidity so that they feel comfortable in the bathroom and grow strong and beautiful.

And what are the best plants for the bathroom? The bamboo is going to give a touch of success to this space. A huge decision since it thrives in humid weather and doesn’t require a lot of natural light. Aloe vera it has many benefits for health and for the skin. So, apart from decorating the bathroom with color and freshness, you will be able to exploit each and every one of the characteristics of this plant.

When it comes to flowers, the orchids they will add a nice touch of color to your bathroom. Although they have the possibility of living in humid spaces, we advise you to take them outside so that they receive some clean air and natural light.

customize the bathroom

And if none of this persuades you, you can always choose to customize a colorful bathroom with natural tilt arrangements. To serve as an example, one blade in XL version in a large transparent vase. Or to add meaty plants or cactus that in addition to this are very trendy. If your problem is that the bathroom is small, you can always choose hanging plants at all times. They are a must-have that will let you offer color and add an unexpected touch to this space.

Colored walls

Another attractive solution, although somewhat more complicated than the rest, lies in offering a coat of paint to your walls. Choose a color that you like and that helps you make the atmosphere flawless. Like a sky blue, a slow mint green… That is, serene, relaxing and fresh tones.

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