Creating #MiHuertoCompo in a relaxed day


A few days ago we had the possibility to attend an event organized by COMPO in which we were able to study that having a vegetable patch urban at home is much simpler than it seems, especially if we have the models provided by the company.

«Love for the natural, passion for the genuine.» This is the essence of the new term of Huerto Urbano de COMPO, a complete range of articles designed to protect plants that optimize the taste and fragrance of the fruits that we have the possibility to grow in our gardens and balconies. Now we tell you much more about our experience at the event and especially how much we learned to have an urban garden at home. Do not miss it!

An amazing environment

As we mentioned, a few days ago we had the opportunity to help the #MiHuertoUrbano event that our COMPO friends had set up in an incredible space of Barcelona which had been tastefully decorated with a multitude of flowers and plants and various elements vintage that gave the environment a touch of the much more particular.


Virtues of the urban garden

After showing us the virtues of having an urban garden (it allows us to have a much healthier nutrition, spend much more time with the family, connect with nature, reduce stress, achieve personal satisfaction …), our friends from COMPO invited us to a marvelous lunch in which we were able to enjoy certain dishes completed with items that we have the possibility to grow in our home, apart from other delicious snacks.


Having an urban garden is much simpler than it seems

While we continued enjoying lunch, the COMPO experts taught us how to have an urban garden at home, something that is much more simple of what it looks like. The only thing we require is light, preferably facing south or southwest; water and organic matter. At the time of planting it is essential to take into consideration that we have the possibility of carrying it out with seeds, which is much cheaper; or with seedlings, which are the now grown seeds, the perfect option to start with. In fact, all the helpers were able to take home a plant that we planted through seedlings.


The right articles

Apart from what we have just told you about, it is a requirement to have the correct models so that our plants are contained in the best conditions. In this sense, the new range of COMPO Huerto Urbano is special, inasmuch as we are talking about 100% natural items, especially made to be successful. Advance of horticultural and fruit plants. In this way, we were able to find COMPO Fertilizer Orchard and Fruit Trees, Tomatoes and Flavored Plants, liquid fertilizers from nature that provide essential nutrients for a precise advance of horticultural and fruit plants; COMPO Substrate Orchard and Fruit Trees, an ideal substrate for the cultivation of vegetables, fruit trees and flavored plants that guarantees the most remarkable support for their development; COMPO Urban Garden Natural Insecticide, developed from natural raw materials, efficient and respectful with the environment; and COMPO Compost Huerto y Frutales, a unique organic fertilizer of its kind due to its origin and its high nutritional content.


A gift check

Our friends at COMPO also told us about a contest that they have in hand that we want to tell you about. It lies in making a video of your urban garden at home. The much more original, entertaining or different will win a gift check of 300 euros at Leroy Merlin. If you want to be part, you will have to send your video to [email protected] before May 30. Now we leave you with our Gallery, where we guarantee certain images of the event, in which you will be able to review with your eyes how beautiful the site was decorated and the result of our urban gardens. Do not miss it!

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