Conforama: garden catalog 2017


Most of us lead such hectic lifestyles that we only had time to craft the outdoor spaces of the home for the much warmer time of year. However, if we want to enjoy the garden or terrace to the limit throughout the spring and summer, it is going to be better that we get the batteries. Fortunately, most of the companies dedicated to the planet of decoration now published their outdoor compilations for this season. It is the situation of Conforama, which has announced a practice guide of garden.

How will you be able to review yourself now, this new catalog of Conforama it is full of outdoor furniture, managing to locate designs of all kinds. In addition to this, the company provides us with pergolas and parasols so that we have the possibility to defend ourselves from the sun and also, even, from the wind. Would you like to know much more information about the new catalog of the French company? Since then you can not miss anything of what we tell you now!

Transform the garden into a little oasis

Do you want to transform your garden into a little oasis? You will be able to do it thanks to the outdoor sofas, armchairs and coffee tables from Conforama, which this year offers designs of all kinds. Obviously, you will be able to locate both loose furniture and sets. The best part is that the costs are quite substantial. To serve as an example, the group that you can see in the next image, which is made up of a chaise longue, an armchair and a coffee table, is for sale for 769 euros.


Although you will be able to get a wide variety in terms of materials, the truth is that in relaxation furniture the fiber synthetic, which is strong, simple to hold and aesthetically very interesting.

Create a dining room in your outdoor space

Rather than having a relaxing space in the garden or terrace, many people choose to have an outdoor dining room where they can celebrate lunches, dinners and parties with the company of friends and family. Naturally, if you have space to spare, you will be able to have both environments. In any case, if you are planning to make an outdoor dining room, we advise you to take a look at the proposals of Conforama, which has countless tables and chairs. In such a case you will also find a huge plurality of materials, beyond the fact that wood has a considerable role in compilation. Likewise, steel furniture has an essential weight, another material that provides many virtues. In the next image you can see a table sample case in this material. You will be able to achieve it for 82.99 euros.


If you do not have several m2 on your terrace, garden or balcony, you should not abandon having an outdoor dining room. In truth, if you don’t put in certain pieces of furniture the space will seem much smaller than it is anyway. What you can do is use certain pieces that help save space, such as chairs and tables. folding, or the extendable tables.

Other furniture and accessories

Obviously, Conforama also provides another type of garden furniture, such as hammocks, deck chairs and rocking chairs. In addition to this, in the catalog you will discover a number of accessories and ornamental elements: parasols, pergolas, cushions, lanterns, cooling boxes, lamps, garlands, solar beacons, barbecues … Now we leave you with our Gallery, where you will find the Conforama garden catalog when finished. Of course, if you want to know the compilation of the company at the end or know much more information about costs or other data, we advise you to take a look at its website or take a tour of one of its physical stores.

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