Cheap pergolas for the garden


Are you lucky enough to have a garden or a terrace? Since you shouldn’t do without the pergola, a composition of 4 columns and beams, which can be made of wood or metal, which will help you make a satisfactory environment in which you will be protected from the sun, the wind and also, even, from the rain.

Although obtaining a pergola is an essential investment, certain stores offer models quite economic. We will talk to you about certain of them now!



AKI offers a wide variety of pergolas, managing to find both metal and wood designs. Among the models that attracts us much more is the garden pergola ARCHES, which is for sale for 119 euros, although you will be able to get much cheaper proposals.

Leroy Merlin


At Leroy Merlin you will also be able to get metal and wood pergolas at a good price. Of course, you should know that the much more affordable are those of metal, like the ones you can see in the images located on these lines. The one on the left is for sale for only 25.95 euros and the one on the right for 29.95 euros.



How could it be otherwise, BriCor also provides a wide variety of pergolas, apart from gazebos and gazebos. In addition to this, among its propositions you will find curtains to fill your pergola. Among its most affordable proposals is the attached wooden pergola that you can see on these lines. You will be able to achieve it for 89 euros.



Although IKEA’s offer of pergolas is not as wide as we would like, the truth is that the huge Swede gives us three attractive gazebos. The one you can see on the left is for sale for 189 euros and the one on the right for 129 euros. Finally, we want to comment that there are multiple online stores that also offer affordable pergolas: Alice’s Garden, SoloStocks, Aliforest …

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