Charming Terraces And Outdoor Dining Rooms – Decorating Ideas

charming terraces outdoor kitchen

The houses are great to have charming terraces. A space where you can enjoy, relax and even communicate a family meal. Having a charming terrace and that in addition to this you manage to add a dining room or a living room, gives the family extra peace of mind.

charming outdoor terraces

No one who owns a home would miss out on this occasion for added enjoyment and space. A charming terrace provides a comfortable space where you can relax outdoors and even enjoy nature. In addition to this, it is ideal for people who love to communicate with friends and family an interesting dinner or an outdoor assembly.

charming terraces decoration

There are different types of terraces where each one has its special charm that you as the owner give it at the moment of designing and decorating it. If you are thinking of remodeling or adding a beautiful terrace with charm, we are going to give you certain ideas to inspire you and certain notices for its design and decoration. Even so that you can also add an outdoor dining room.

terraces with charming design

Charming terraces – Decoration styles

Currently, an added decoration in the homes is the terrace and an outdoor dining room or living room. If you have a garden but would like to add a charming terrace, it would be ideal for the whole family. Of course, in order to look and feel comfortable, the building and its decoration must have a serviceable purpose. The interior space of the terrace can be decorated in different styles. We will indicate the most popular styles of decoration so that you take them into account and choose the one that much more pleases you.

terraces with functional charm

Charming terraces and modern style

Today, modern is closely related to minimalism. This is a style with includes a lot of tranquility, simplicity but does not leave aside the occupation. In most cases, the furniture used must be of high definition. This in order to be able to withstand time and also wear and tear due to traffic and time.

modern charming terraces

Most of the time they have few ornamental elements, only functional elements such as relief furniture, lamps, tables, among many others are taken into account. And most of the people choose to use materials like stone, metal or PVC. Of course, these are also very durable materials that simultaneously give a touch of charm to the terraces.

terraces with minimalist charm

Charming terraces and classic style

In most cases, the style here delivers a space marked by pastel colors. Bright colors are not used enough in decoration. Likewise, very resistant materials such as stone, wood are used, taking into account a natural pattern.

charming traditional style terraces

Charming terraces and colonial style

Obviously, what predominates here are the elements that coincide with the colonial season. If each and every one of the elements is adjusted correctly, the area of ​​your terrace will also be able to combine it with the green spaces, if you want it this way.

terraces with colonial charm

The furniture that is used in this style, for what it creates, is wicker or wood. The terraces with a colonial style, it is convenient that they are only filled or decorated with natural materials such as wood, ceramics, stone and textiles of different colors.

charming colonial style terraces

Charming terraces and beach style

This style of decoration is naturally quite superior for a home that is close to the sea. To achieve and fill the harmony of the landscape with the decoration of your terrace with beach style, colors are used with the theme that is in view. Each and every one of the shades of blue, sand and green are ideal for this style of decoration. As far as furniture is concerned, the most correct ones are those made of wood, textiles and leather.

terraces with beach charm

Terraces with charm and country style

This decoration is perfect for wooden houses. This style of decoration is identified by rough furniture, a maximum of textiles and wood, and the existence of ornamental elements for the home. For the floor, in most cases wide deck boards are used.

charming country-style terraces

Terrace genres

For most people who are in suburban areas they take a lot of attention not only in the landscape design but rather in the design of an attractive terrace or outdoor dining room. It should be noted that, in front of starting with the construction of your new terrace, it is essential that you take into account components such as climatic conditions. Also the specifications of the land, the opportunity to provide electricity, among many other things. This can also depend on having a closed or open terrace.

charming canopy terraces

Enclosed charming terraces

These terraces sometimes give the feeling that they are somewhat secluded. They have walls and a roof, the latter can be an extension of the roof of your house or if you choose you can put it separately. It is essential that you remember the winter season.

charming closed terraces

So you should be sure to insulate it using any material left over from the construction of your house such as bricks, metal or wooden beams. For glazing, you can use easy glass on wood, plastic or polycarbonate frames. The windows have to be somewhat huge in order to let in the daylight.

charming closed terraces

They should also be able to open to accept the ventilation of the space while having fun with a family lunch or dinner, if you want to put a dining room in your terrace area. And keep in mind hot days and annoying mosquitoes so you could meditate on a removable mosquito net.

charming closed terraces

Charming open terraces

Ideal for people who love and enjoy relaxing outdoors. Contact with the sun, air, and even plants is an interesting initiative to have an open terrace in your home. Obviously, as we now tell you, the furniture you use on your open terrace will have to be high definition in order to be resistant to the elements. If you want, you could put a transparent roof or a canopy so that it can guide you on rainy days or with a deep sun.

terraces with nature charm

Materials to make terraces

There is a plurality of materials to create a terrace. But it is also very true that depending on your priority and also the purpose that you are going to give your terrace, you will have to select the type of material. But despite your options and wishes, you will have to take into account that the construction materials for any terrace must be refractory, strong and balanced.

terraces with Mediterranean charm


This natural material is perfect for creating terraces. The wood, like no other, harmonizes perfectly with the vegetation and highlights the decoration. With the support of small wooden bars, you can hide any defect that the headboard has. To raise the resistance a much higher, specialists recommend using hardwood boards such as oak and teak. Those that are also resistant to humidity.

charming wooden terraces

The brick

Bricks are used very frequently for the construction of both open and closed terraces. Among the main virtues of using bricks is its high resistance. The specialists affirm that the terraces with this kind of material they have the potential to have a lifespan of 100 years to spare. The bricks are not susceptible to decomposition, attack by insects and microorganisms.

charming brick terraces

The metal

Some time ago, metal constructions were not as popular as they are today. This was thanks to the fact that they did not give many characteristics in terms of thermal insulation. But thank goodness, thanks to technology, they greatly improved the specifications of the material. With what the terraces with metal constructions are common. The supports in these constructions have 2 ways of mounting.

charming terraces metal structure

The first is screwed where the elements are twisted with bolts, which causes it to be assembled and disassembled if necessary. The second is the soldier, the one where once the elements are welded they will not be able to disarm. However, the two ways are simple to have. Then, when each and every one of the elements comes together, they are treated with an anticorrosive complex.

charming metal terraces

Floor for the terraces

The floor for a terrace, which is a transit region, must be strong and reliable. The floor can be made of any material that meets specifications such as low wear, frost resistance. In addition to this, floor coverings have to have non-slip characteristics and not accumulate moisture.

charming wooden floor terraces

One of the best materials for the floor of any type of terrace is laminated wood. The terrace boards are made of wood flour and polymers. Those that come together for a better hardening of the elements. The result is a beautiful, non-slip, highly durable and seamless material.

charming terraces floors tiles

Ceramic tiles work well as flooring for stone decks. Tiles have the benefit of being frost resistant. They have several designs where you will be able to locate one of your priority. But they have very low resistance to collision.

charming terraces concrete floor

Another common flooring material is concrete. Most of the outdoor terraces are made of concrete tombstones. They are of extended duration and are easily placed on cement, sand, and if required, they can be easily fixed just by replacing the damaged element.

charming terraces granite floor

Of course, it should be noted that it is quite aroused and it is possible that it has a high possibility of sinking. In the same way you can carry out a terrace with a stone floor, it is very strong and has good damping characteristics. You have to take into consideration that whatever type of floor you want to put on, you will have to carry it out with a quick angle. This will allow the water to escape and may help prevent warping of the floor.

charming stone terraces

A space for outdoor dining

A charming terrace is everyone’s wish. A space to spend the summer and communicate a snack, a lunch or a meal with your close acquaintances. All this causes the longing for a terrace with a dining room, even if it is small, to have a huge concept. On a terrace you can install a barbecue, a small kitchen and a station to eat and communicate.

charming terraces for dining

There are many options for a terrace with a dining area. You don’t really need many elements. You can design and decorate it with a minimalist style. A table in the center of your terrace, chairs and certain textiles will suffice. At this time, if you have a huge space and the precise budget, then you can let your imagination run wild.

charming dining terraces

Charming terrace for a region of relaxation

The terrace is ideal for ordering an area for recreation and relaxation. You can fill a closed terrace with comfortable furniture and you could also put a small barbecue. If you decide to design it with wooden slats, you could add certain ornamental plants or vines to complement the decoration.

charming terraces for relaxation

On an open terrace you could meditate on putting it near the trees, if you have certain ones and in this way they will provide you with some shade. Adding garden furniture, a hammock and even a small pool will create an incredible environment.

charming terraces outside living room

Outdoor kitchens

A wide and extensive and beautiful terrace well equipped without any doubt is really useful for any host. In an outdoor kitchen, you can still preserve vegetables, cook stewed fruits, without the need to worry about evaporation as it undoubtedly has good air circulation.

charming terraces open kitchen

You can in the same way design a kitchen-living room on your terrace. Equipped only with the precise furniture. Regarding the material for construction, it can be brick or wooden bars. And you could divide the locations using the exact same furniture or floor coverings of different levels or materials.

charming terraces kitchen

The main virtue of having an open-air kitchen-dining room or living room is the possibility that you have to enjoy a meal and the preciousness of nature at the time. Ordering charming terraces does not need enough space.

charming terraces for cooking

Even if your space is small, you could still design a terrace to calm you down. You will only need advice and also imagination. The space that you create with the correct materials and even putting certain plants and adjusting it to your way of life, will recreate you and your family.

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