14 Colors To Paint a Bathroom in 2018

Choosing the right color to color a bathroom is not simple in all cases. Components such as size, the type of light that reigns in the room or the age of the people who are going to use the bathroom much more often come into play in the resolution. In addition to this, it must … Read more

16 Tips for Bathroom Lighting

An intimate space, for cleaning and relaxation that must be useful and also beautiful. The bathroom is located within the much more private areas of the home that we use multiple times every day, but for some reason always and at all times is set aside to plan its design and decoration. In a bathroom … Read more

How to Decorate a Bathroom Industrial Style

With all the beauty of raw materials and undressed constructions, the industrial style creates modern and pleasant spaces, highlighting the peculiarities of each material. For a few years this style has been in force and is used to personalize several different spaces in the home, and even reached the design of bathrooms. This style offers … Read more

How to Decorate the Bathroom Mirror

Most of the time, when we acquire a speculum for the bathroom, we are content simply to hang it over the sink, and we do not consider that we are talking about an element with enough potential. If it is surrounded or complemented with the correct elements, which make it a key ornamental factor, the … Read more