Carrefour: garden furniture 2016

Carrefour garden furniture catalog

Are you being aware that the spring It’s very close? Yes! Yes! Just as you read it! Winter was so abnormal as far as time is concerned that it is strange to meditate that there are only a few weeks left for the official arrival of the much more joyful and colorful season of the year. In this way, it was time to start conditioning and personalizing the outdoor spaces of the home, which we will be able to enjoy extensively over the next few months.

If you have a garden, terrace, patio, porch or a balcony of acceptable size, do not assume it and put certain pieces of furniture that allow you to take advantage of it to the limit. Yes, we understand that the economy is not to shoot rockets, but there are some companies that provide fairly cheap outdoor furniture. It is the situation of Carrefour, which has just published its catalog «Garden furniture 2016». Do you like to discover it? Since you do not miss anything that we tell you now!

Garden furniture

As we said, Carrefour has published its new catalog based on the garden, in which it is feasible to locate a lot of outdoor furniture at very low costs. The unbeatable thing is that there are proposals of all kinds: for the much more modern, for the much more traditional, for those who prioritize tranquility, for those who choose the style … In this way, the company provides furniture pieces of different materials, managing to locate models of wood, synthetic fiber and resin. On the other hand, it is feasible to find in the catalog proposals for outdoor spaces of each and every one of the sizes: table and chair sets of different sizes, introducing suitable sets for the balcony; corner units, armchairs, sofas, coffee tables, living sets, small balcony sets … In addition to this, it is essential that you keep in mind that certain sets have an umbrella inside.

Carrefour garden furniture catalog1


In order for you to be able to enjoy the outdoor spaces of your home to the limit, you will have to integrate elements that protect you from the sun into the decoration, something that you will appreciate when summer arrives and the temperatures begin to be unbearable. In addition to this, they will assist you to give a greater Privacy. In the Carrefour catalog you will find multiple proposals, such as tables with curtains, ideal to protect the space from the sun, the wind and prying eyes; folding tables, which will be super simple to store; and pergolas. On the other hand, the company offers booths that will be super useful for storing all kinds of things.

Carrefour garden furniture catalog2

Camping and barbecues

Knowing that weekend getaways to the camping, to the mountains or to the beach will begin shortly, the French company also provides different pieces of camping furniture, such as chairs, armchairs, sun loungers and even beds. Do not forget the folding tables, which you can take to any location. The best thing is that we talk about pieces tremendously comfortable. In addition to this, it also offers different barbecue designs, so you will not be able to find the right model for your outdoor space. Obviously, you will also be able to get hold of different barbecue accessories, such as tablets and charcoal.

Carrefour garden furniture catalog3

Other propositions

Apart from everything that we have finished commenting on, in the Carrefour garden catalog you will be able to locate all kinds of tools garden (lawnmowers, pressure washers, carts, hedge trimmers, hoses, sprayers, showers …) and plants and substrates to make your outdoor spaces even more beautiful. On the other hand, the company provides DIY tools, paints and other accessories that are going to be spectacular for these areas of the home. You will be able to discover them yourself by taking a look at the catalog.

Carrefour garden furniture catalog4

Now we leave you with our Gallery, where you will find Carrefour’s “Garden Furniture 2016” catalog when finished.

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