Bioclimatic pergolas with adjustable slats

bioclimatic pergolas with adjustable slats 1

This summer, as it tends to be frequent in recent times, there is a lot of talk about the bioclimatic pergolas with adjustable slats. We are talking about a sun protection system that allows you to carry out life outdoors throughout the year without having to carry out projects, the basis for which its popularity is growing.


This class of bioclimatic pergolas, apart from regulate the temperature naturally, have the ability to protect you from rain, sun radiation, wind or some other kind of inclement weather that threatens to ruin your stay on the terrace or garden. In truth, being adjustable slats, they are loaded with virtues that are worth knowing:

– The range of orientability is quite detached, since it usually oscillates between 0 and 135 degrees. The cover is breathable and completely waterproof at the moment it is 5 degrees.

– The fixing and assembly elements tend to be hidden, so their installation does not detract from the space.

– In certain cases it is feasible grab the rainwater to reuse it.

– There are those with an anti-vibration system in the case of strong gusts of wind.

– The sealing, which is perimeter, commonly it is transversal against the rain.

bioclimatic pergolas with adjustable slats 2

As practical as it is interesting

They are functional and aesthetic, and you can put them in the garden, on the terrace, on the porch, in the spa, in the pool … The slats tend to be operated manually or by means of a command, so the tranquility is maximum.

Likely more

As optional accessories, there are companies that offer you the opportunity to add rain and / or wind sensors, LED lighting, infrared heating, temperature sensor, snow sensor, transmitter and control unit, Bluetooth speaker and control from your smart mobile. The options are multiple at the time of arranging a roughly finished system.

Where to buy them

Companies such as Saxun, Greendesign, Acristalia, Biossun or SOLISYSTEME are dedicated to marketing them. Now you can observe a video of the performance of those sold in Greendesign, which are retractable slats:

Photographs: Biossun and Greendesign.

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