Benches and steps for the garden

built-in planter wood bench work

It is now time to go out and enjoy good company in the open air, and for this today we expose twenty-five models of banks for garden and work stands. We will observe that they are the much more correct decision for the placement of the seats for a large number of guests, saving space. Take a look at them all and get ideas for furnishing your garden.

Cement benches for the garden

green cement garden bench

Integrated construction benches are a fairly enduring alternative. Among the greatest virtues that materials such as cement or concrete give is that of resistance. It does not matter what weather conditions you are exposed to; our bench will always and at all times be ready for the summer and we always have the possibility of covering it with cushions and colorful quilts.

Carved wooden stool

carved heart bench garden wood

Our second initiative for garden benches is undoubtedly wood. Thanks to its greater elasticity, it allows it to be molded in different ways and is also a fairly strong material. To preserve its appearance for much longer, we will only have to handle it with the correct models.

Garden corner with wooden bench

wood corner garden bench

It turns out that today in several gardens the benches and stands have been incorporated that intersperse the materials mentioned in advance. We can find solid base constructions of cement and on them, benches and backs made from slats or sheets of wood. Likewise, it has been known to combine the hardness of cement for accompanying locations and the softness and warmth of wood for direct contact with people.

Bench that comes inside of teak wood

garden bench teak wood pond

Regarding the designs, these tend to change depending on the garden specifically and its free space. An excellent initiative is to create the constructions for the benches in those corner areas or on the edges of the garden, so we will have perennial seating areas while we have kept the central part for free movement and the rest of the furniture.

Minimalist design bench

wooden bench design minimalist garden

Bench that comes inside in modern style

modern style wooden built-in bench

Solid wood garden bench

bench solid wood slats garden

Modern garden bench design

modern metal garden bench

Modern garden bench

modern style moss garden bench

Design of benches for garden

black wooden garden bench

stone bench forms that colors

bank stones large natural rocks

teak wood tiered garden benches

wood benches lime green cushions

carved benches tree trunk

bench ground garden wooden platform

uneven log wood carved bench

bionito wooden bench red apples

modern garden design benches

minimalist garden design benches stands

corner garden bench integrated wood

great modern design bench

integrated wooden bleachers garden benches

garden fence teak wood

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