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Today we have for you some very authentic options and beautiful views of gardens with modern design to inspire you. Lines belong to the much more essential and useful elements when it comes to garden design.

Beautiful panoramas of vast modern gardens

garden modern design large pool wooden floor ideas

Everything in the garden assumes lines. Think of the horizon, the line built at the moment a lawn ends and a swimming pool or a resting place begins.

Precious panoramas that you can recreate in your outdoor space

garden modern design lawn pool deck chairs ideas

A path or fence is a clear and easily achievable line in the landscape. When planning and designing your garden, always and at all times keep in mind the line that is created with what you are going to add.

Really pretty black painted brick fireplace

garden modern design fireplace wood furniture ideas

There are 4 primary ways to detail lines: curved, straight, horizontal, and vertical. None of these options exclude the rest since each one will add a different effect to your outdoor space.

Garden with a higher level in which is the pool

garden modern design two levels options ideas

The curved lines for example give shape to the planters add interest to the paths. The straight lines instead evoke a sense of order and a texture that is much more formal.

Updated home with extensive garden with easy layout

garden modern design contemporary style ideas

A modern or contemporary landscape is defined by its emphasis on structural and graphic elements, clean lines, and unusual materials. It can be really bold and bold, with strong visual lines.

Table with fire in the outdoor resting place

garden modern design table fire white furniture ideas

It also appeals to the updated sensibility, mixing the interiors with the exterior. It does not matter what kind of lines you are going to use, the only thing you should not forget is that the lines direct the vision.

Pool with fountain to enjoy the sound of water in the modern garden

garden modern design infinity pool views ideas

What could be so much more precious than a morning coffee or an evening meal in the garden when the plants are showing their splendor?

A very large pond and white tombstone path in the modern garden

landscaping beautiful gardens modern design pond white slabs ideas

Light and shadow have the possibility of changing the way of a space. Although it is impossible to monitor natural light, you have the possibility to play with its effect. Glowing light has exactly the same collision as warm color, so with the play of light and shadow you have the possibility of making an element or area feel much more pleasant than it really is.

Gray tombstone flooring and ornamental plant ideas in the modern garden

landscaping beautiful gardens modern design simple style ideas

As you well know, light can be natural or artificial. It is very simple to add a lighting system to achieve enjoyment in your garden throughout the night hours.

Fountain ideas and very lively design in the modern garden

landscaping beautiful gardens modern design fountains water ideas

The different accessories and their positioning will create different effects in your space. Direct lighting in a dark region signals a special feature.

Spa site with plunge pool and hot tub covered by a landscape of trees obscuring the fence

landscaping beautiful gardens modern design jacuzzi garden luxurious ideas

Backlighting can be used to focus on a statue, tree, or bush. The side lighting can be useful to generate tragic effects, but it is also used to illuminate the roads and paths.

Gorgeous panoramas lawn and outdoor dining ideas

landscaping beautiful gardens modern design garden lawn ideas

Another fundamental thing for the design of the garden is the use of textures. As long as they have the possibility of awakening different emotions. Both tactile and visual textures have the possibility of being useful to contrast the plants in sets or reduce the architectural lines.

Modern chill-out site in the garden with fire pit and water fountain

landscaping beautiful gardens modern design fire place ideas

For a modern style of employing subtle textures. You will find a considerable sum of furniture textures, floors and plants, and endless options to mix them up for repetition, contrast, stability and unity in your outdoor space.

Modern garden with outdoor lounge and dining area

landscaping beautiful gardens modern design bright garden ideas

A landscape without forms to make contrasting can seem until little entertaining. The way you plant furniture and other elements in the garden should be useful to divide the space, mark the different areas, and give architectural interest.

Large modern garden with white design

landscaping beautiful gardens modern design white furniture ideas

With a grouping of plants you can create multiple effects depending on their shapes.Another thing that we cannot forget is stability. There are 2 basic types of balance: symmetric (formal) and asymmetric (informal).

Authentic options for plants in the modern garden

landscaping beautiful gardens modern design options plants ideas

To detail a garden with a modern and original design, the highlight that you can do is to know a reference point or a key element that plays the role of the axis for your design.

Beautiful panoramas with modern design in a minimalist style

landscaping beautiful gardens modern design swimming pool runs through garden ideas

This could be the front door, a piece of furniture, or some other object. You should also meditate on the proportion of the elements and the relationship between their sizes.

Modern garden with a very large pool and a wooden bridge

landscaping beautiful gardens modern design swimming pool bridge ideas

Be careful not to go overboard with interesting designs, as it can overwhelm the space. An optimal design is achieved when the elements that make it up are the same or at least similar.

Concrete deck chairs in modern garden

landscaping beautiful gardens modern design swimming pool deck chairs concrete ideas

Modern panoramas are incredibly accommodating to homes with different architectural designs.

Modern garden ideas with a wooden floor

landscaping beautiful gardens modern design garden project wood flooring ideas

Another essential aspect is that modern gardens are low maintenance. As now in other products we have said a much more virtue is that a contemporary or modern landscape also tends to be considerably more condescending to drought.

Beautiful fountains and pool in the modern garden

designed pool mark scott associates landscape architecture ideas

At this time we leave you with our images of beautiful views of gardens with modern design.

Beverly Hills home developed by Dennis Gibbens Architects

garden modern design house Beverly Hills Dennis Gibbens Architects ideas







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