Bathsphere a luxurious bath suspended in the air.


The attitude towards the bathroom, with the passage of time was changing and from being a space of passage without relevance it is transforming into a fundamental space in a home. So much so designers and Maris Breytsis, have made their sacrifices to make our visit to the bathroom a transformative experience, and created Bathsphere. A «Shower» isglass ring suspended in midair that includes experiences for the 5 senses.


As I stated at the beginning, the term of the bathroom is changing and gaining relevance. Today is the place where we prepare for our fight day after day, and most essential, where we shed all our obligations the moment we get home. It could be said that it is a space with a touch of something magical in which we modify our state of mind according to what we have gone to carry out. With this initiative in the lead, Maris breytsis and the team of Alexander Zhukovsky they shaped Bathsphere.

In this extravagant and sumptuous «bathtub»After a hard day’s work among many other things, we own our little planet. A crystal planet suspended in the air in which, apart from getting clean, we also have the possibility of encouraging or appeasing our 5 senses as we please. Since in Bathsphere, we have the possibility to emulate the rain, change the interior temperature of the sphere, the humidity, the light, the sound and even the fragrances that we perceive. An amazing multisensory experience in the comfort of our home.

Much more information: Aizzz.

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