Bathroom decoration trends 2019


The bathroom belongs to the rooms of the house whose reform implies a greater permanence. The toilets they reflect the essence of the modern way of life conditioned by the urgency, the haste and the burden of the fulfillment of the conciliation functionalities. The bathroom becomes a space that is the main character of the house on its own merits as a formula for happiness.

Promotion of comfort


If the home is a space of comfort, the bathroom also reflects this interesting excitement through relaxing experiences such as a shower with articles that pamper the skin. Or the feeling of recreating the spa effect in this region of comfort. The decoration and tones of this room of the house reflect warmth and harmony through a minimalism that nourishes the senses from tranquility, carpe diem and existential plenitude.

Beauty and practicality

The main characteristic of bathroom decoration is the union of 2 essential criteria: practical use and the aesthetic beauty of the data. Minimalism and the search for illumination that strengthens the sensation of open space is present through the decision of elements that add value to the group but that start from the idea of ​​ease. A style that reflects the equation «less is much more.»

The dimension of the corner can force to improve the space in a real way. However, nowadays proposals sprout that allow every inch of that site to be exploited with the correct means. To serve as an example, suspended furniture in the bathroom can achieve this purpose immediately.

Presence of wood

bathroom furniture

Among the materials used much more in the house is wood, a material with a warm texture and very elegant aesthetic. Its essence also reaches the interior of the bathroom with the innovation of materials that adjust to the peculiarities of humidity that define this part of the house. For its part, wood can make attractive visual contrasts with other models present in the bathroom through a play of colors and textures.

If you love wood, this is currently in the trends.

Importance of white color


To achieve a minimalist effect, the bathroom is dressed in White color and of color variants that belong to the same range. A color that can be completed with elements in earth color and, also, with wood. Why is this color so popular in the bathroom? Apart from its aesthetic contribution, it is also the namesake of cleanliness and distinction.

This aesthetic also remains unchanged in the face of the inescapable essence of the passing of the years. Creating a bathroom that meets your expectations inevitably involves deciding on tiles that are aligned with your ornamental taste. In the market you can find a large selection of propositions that, in addition to this, have the benefit of their simple cleaning.

Storage space


To project order in space it is important to have a base of storage to store there the toilet models and other elements typical of this region of the house. This type of furniture fulfills a practical but also sensitive occupation now that there is a direct link between the outside environment and the comfort inside.

This storage space is conditioned by our free aptitude in the bathroom, however, this restriction is a motivational stimulus to prioritize instead of feeding the inclination towards the accumulation of things that are superfluous. At the moment when there are now a few weeks to say goodbye to the year, perhaps 2019 will be that moment in which you have the undertaking to reform this room.

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