Bathroom decoration trends 2018


It is an oasis of comfort in the middle of an urban jungle. This is how the new bathrooms are. A space that was always and at all times set aside to a second or third flat, when we talked about decoration.

However, at Ideasdehogar we believe that the bathroom deserves particular attention. And little by little more. Hence we must not lose sight of the latest bathroom decoration trends 2018. Do you like to discover them?

A natural bath

This year we are going to continue betting on the sustainable trends and the spaces that connect us with nature. Applied to decoration, we talked about natural materials, winks to Mother Earth and toasted tones.

With regard to furniture, we will opt for noble wood, preferably tropical, since it is better resistant to humidity. The vegetal fibers they will continue to be quite important throughout this year. Rattan, sisal, coconut, wicker, jute, etc. Vegetable fibers are soft to the touch and, being hollow fibers, they are breathable and light, since the air circulates better through them.


References to nature will also be present in this inclination. Tables with botanical fundamentals, data in green and inclusive natural plants they open our bathroom to the outside and bring us closer to Mother Earth.

A contemporary, practical and chic bathroom

For those who bet on occupation, nothing superior than modern and minimalist aesthetics. Although, yes, with complex and chic winks that are carried out by small glam data. Faucets in copper or gold, surfaces finished in marble, beautiful metals and geometric tiles to dress the floor to the trend.

The highlight of the bathrooms with modern aesthetics is that they bet on occupancy. That is, these bathrooms combine aesthetics and practicality. In practice, this can be seen in the inclination of the flown sinks that leave considerable extra space at the bottom and the embedded taps that allow the surfaces to be clarified.

When it comes to design, neutral colors and easy, pure and well-established lines stand out. In short, they are light and minimalist bathrooms, but with complex touches that add distinction.


Well-used spaces: shower tray

Styles aside, at Ideasdehogar we also want to highlight the shower trays as an inclination in bathroom decoration 2018. They are a magnificent solution for mini floors, as they allow us to improve the space to the limit and, as if that were not enough, they help us save water.

However, today’s inclination when it comes to shower trays is to bet on synthetic materials and modern finishes. To serve as an example, porcelain stoneware that perfectly recreates the distinction of wood. An ideal material for the walls of our shower tray, since in this way it allows us to add warmth to this space, in unison that determines this region.


Unique and personal bathrooms

As we mentioned at the beginning of the product, the bathrooms for the moment are not what they were. Separated to a third place in the decoration of the house, the recent bathrooms have little by little more importance. Hence, we invest much more in its decoration. In truth, we can still find ornamental data that could perfectly be in the hall or in the living room.

Jugs with flowers, paintings, moldings, figures, plants and other various cravings that pursue a single purpose: to make the bathroom a unique and personal space. So do not hesitate to add data that make your bathroom, a particular space that talks about you. To sum up, a space in which you truly feel comfortable. Think about how to take advantage of your bathroom, giving a touch of modernity with tilt pieces.

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