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balconies and roofs

Rooftops and covered balconies are great places to enjoy the outdoors while a roof protects us from the weather. The views, however, are often better from the porch roof. If built properly, the porch composition is solid enough to support the outdoor living space upstairs, so why not take advantage of it and create a rooftop terrace? Here’s how to find the right design. In the same way with some other undertaking, the ideal situation does not exist in all cases, thereby guaranteeing certain choices at the appropriate time.

Balconies and roofs – design ideas

designer balconies and roofs

This product is a reminder of that vacant space on top of your building that could be transformed into a beautiful urban oasis. As you probably think, creating your rooftop garden is not as simple as planting bushes in the ground, but with research, good planning, and determination, such an endeavor could substantially advance your way of life. If you’re ready to go on this dazzling adventure, your photos now should inspire you to choose over your overall rooftop balcony and terrace design.

Balcony and rooftop designs

Balcony and rooftop designs

Rooftop gardens and covered balconies do not differ much from regular panoramas in terms of design goals. You want to make a pleasant, relaxing and interesting outdoor space. There are some challenges that are unique to urban areas. Weight is a numerical drawback.

Balcony and terrace designs

As long as you do not have soil in which your plants can thrive, you must bring soil. There are 2 options: transform the roof into fertile soil or use planters. Whatever you choose, you need to distribute the load in a suit way. It is convenient to use a fast-draining, fast soil mix. Thus, the plants will not hold an excessive amount of water.

Balcony Designs

By the time you’ve structured your roof garden on your head, clear the path for deployment. Check with your builder or contractor to see if your roof can sustain pressure from soil, containers, etc. Take insecurity issues: install miniature fences and shelters to protect plants from falling elements (if covered with much taller buildings, for example). Start researching the genus of plants you can grow and talk to an expert about care. Sprinklers are a huge initiative, especially throughout the summer. Having mentioned the above, we want you some fun time to plan and develop the special roof garden.

Modern balcony designs

Modern balcony designs

A roof terrace has a very different scope than a garden at ground level. In fact, you probably want to get technical assistance before starting a venture like this.

Advantage of creating a roof garden:

Benefits of building a roof garden

Shrink stormwater runoff

Lower your air conditioning expenses

Lower your heating costs

Make habitat for birds, butterflies and bees

Provide outdoor space for your enjoyment

Beautify the built environment

Improve air quality

Lets you grow food

What makes designing rooftop gardens different?

design rooftop gardens

First, consider the weather on a roof, which is much more severe than on the ground. It is often quite windy in summer and very sunny and hot. But if the buildings nearby are tall, the garden can be in the shade all day, which is quite dark for many plants, or it can go quickly from deep shade to deep sun.

Design a luxurious rooftop terrace

Design a luxury rooftop terrace

Never use regular garden soil for a roof garden; it is quite heavy and does not hold water well or provide poor drainage. Use a lightweight artificial soil often called a “soilless mix” in your containers.

Design a terrace

Plan to create certain wood meshes or latticework on the windward side of your plants to prevent them from developing a persistent slant. The trellis can also provide some shade, especially for a southern or western exposure.

Design a luxury terrace

Also install automatic drip irrigation. Container plants require considerably more recurrent watering than plants in the ground. The sun, heat, and wind will add to the water requirement. In the summer time, if not earlier, you will need water on hand at least once a day and in hot weather, a couple of times a day. That schedule is practically unfeasible to sustain each and every day throughout the season, so a drip system is vital.

Design a modern terrace

Ultimately, it is critical that you get approval from the owner or building cooperative board and the local planning commission. they will most likely require your roof to be examined and certified by an engineer or architect, who will stipulate the required changes in roof area and weight limits for your buildings, containers, and plants.

Design a roof

When you get approved, consider hiring a qualified landscaper who specializes in roof gardens, especially if you have limited landscaping experience.

Great balcony and rooftop designs

Great balcony and rooftop designs

Long, shallow porches usually look best. A depth of 8 feet is a comfortable finish. However, leftover 8-foot-deep porches should have room-like square dimensions, for example 10×14 or 12×16.

Columns: size and shape

balcony and rooftop designs

Don’t be afraid to use large columns, but keep in mind that square columns appear much wider than round columns due to their diagonal cross section. Round or turned columns are generally best seen with a slow curve that tapers at the top, known as an enthesis. Square columns have the possibility of being straight or conical.

Columns: separate

modern balcony and roof designs

Set up columns so that they create an opening that relates to the way of the house. To serve as an example, a tall, narrow home is best viewed with closely spaced columns that create vertically oriented rectangular openings. Try to hold the columns evenly out of the way and with an odd number of openings. Align these openings with windows and doors whenever possible.


original designs of balconies and roofs

The beams, much more appropriately called gates, have to fit the width of the top of the round columns. If square columns are used, the beam may protrude slightly from the columns; in such a case, the beam must reach beyond the columns 3/4 in. on each and every side. Generally, the face of the beam has to be precisely one and a half times much higher than the broad beam.


original balcony designs

The roof can drain into conventionally installed gutters or hidden gutters built into the roof, or the runoff can be allowed to spill freely and be obtained (or not) by earth gutters. In hot weather, internal drains have the possibility of running, but are not advised in cold times, where they have the possibility of becoming clogged with ice.


original terrace designs

Railing posts should be one-half to two-thirds of the width of the columns. The posts now need to line up with the columns and have a less elaborate or related fit. The square columns have to match the square posts. If the columns are round, the posts have the possibility of being round or square.


original rooftop designs

The beams that support the roof and the upper deck have the possibility of being visually maintained through pilasters where they are with the house, or through independent columns located a few centimeters from the cladding. The pilasters are much more classically suitable.

The ceiling

roof terrace designs

The roof must have a slope of at least 1/4 inch per foot. It is common to put a cover over a low shed roof. However, if the roof is much deeper than 4 feet, in most cases it seems best to make a shallow 4-way roof so that the eaves on all three sides have a consistent dimension.

Covers and interfaces

roof terrace designs

The interface boards have to be joined by 2x pressure-treated, tapered sleepers to compensate for the roof pitch such that the interface area is level. If the interface tables are installed as pull-out tables, cleaning up the area under them is considerably simpler.


rooftops with terraces

A fascia board can hide the sleepers, but a 1/2 in. A drainage gap must be supported between the front panel and the porch roof. The outer face of the fascia must be in line with the outer face of the beam underneath.


nice roofs with terraces

If the porch now has railings, match them or use a scaled-down version of the above. If the porch does not have railings, the deck railings should be as light as possible. Where the railing meets the home, there must be a wall at least as high as the railing. The railing can end directly on the wall, but is best viewed the moment it ends in a post-like pilaster or a post held 2 to 3 inches from the siding.

The ceiling

roof terrace

Ideally, the porch ceiling is exactly the same flat as the porch ceiling ceiling. The depth of the eaves of the porch roof should match the overhang of the house or be reduced by one third.

Design ideas

original roof terrace

To create a usable garden that reflects your claims, you need to know how you are going to use the site. How is its purpose? Do you want to make a garden for purely aesthetic reasons? Or maybe gardening is your habit?

A roof garden with orchard

A roof garden with orchard

If you are blessed with the green thumb, turn your roof into an edible garden. Not only will you have a huge outdoor space, but also fresh fruits and vegetables on hand. All that is necessary for you are huge wooden containers and rich potting soil.

A roof garden for fun

A roof garden for entertaining

A roof garden is not just about gardening. This can be a great place to meet up with friends and entertain yourself. Transform your rooftop garden into an outdoor theater by using a blank wall and also installing speakers. Throw in some huge pillows to make yourself comfortable and you’ve got the perfect spot for your movie nights.

decorate terraces

First, decide if you want to plant vegetables or flowers. Try to see your green space before you actually plant something – this will avoid doing a lot and shrinking the space by unnecessarily cramming it with decorations.

So think of a different color and flower combination that you can use for your garden. If you have extra room, add some seating space. Some DIY landscaping can make a big difference too!

The reading corner

ideas to decorate terraces

Go outside with your favorite book, it will add so much more to the adventure in your head the moment you are outside!

Balconies and terraces with plants

how to decorate terraces

Create a nice effect by gazing at your balcony or rooftop floors with cute wood or tile. Add some wool rugs, overstuffed cushions, and a bench or chair. Don’t forget to put a «do not bother» sign at the entrance until you have finished solving a murder with Dan Brown!

Tea time

decorate rooftop terraces

How about setting up your makeshift tea or coffee area? Which is much more relaxing than laying back, watching the crowd on the street, hearing the birds sing, and simply gazing at the endless horizon while sipping your Earl Gray or French Roast (okay, so not all of us inhabit the team of ‘The Sound of Music ‘in the Swiss Alps, but now you understand the initiative!)

decorate modern terraces

Repurpose a corner table and make certain wooden chairs with your style and taste. Put certain potted plants and fresh flowers on the table, call certain friends and prepare the kettle.

ideas to decorate modern terraces

Upgrading your space and transforming it into a living room is a huge initiative if you have a huge balcony or roof terrace. Wine has never tasted better in the cool afternoon breeze and you shouldn’t go downtown for a beer with your friends!

great ideas to decorate modern terraces

You can decorate it however you like: sofas, armchairs, futons, a fluffy rug. You can still put hanging chairs or a hammock just for fun.

Rooftop balconies and terraces

Rooftop balconies and terraces

Balconies and roofs

Balconies and roofs

Modern balconies

Designer balconies and roofs

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