Auxiliary bathroom furniture. The accessory that you cannot miss in the bathroom

After carrying out multiple interior design and decoration projects for bathrooms, I realize that quite a few people allow themselves to be advised much more by current trends than with what they really need and that is a serious failure that, after time, if not prevented , it ends up paying expensive.

In tight spaces such as most recent bathrooms tend to be, you need to strike a balance between what you want and what you need. It should never be neglected that the bathroom is a practical space appointed to a specific function and, when meters are scarce, you have to prioritize and improve, Yes indeed, without giving up style.

Fortunately today that is much simpler than ever since there are multipurpose furniture and other elements on the market that adapt to any space without sacrificing style, whatever it may be.

Even furniture, which, due to its design and finish, works well in each and every one of the styles, providing an added occupation that we will always thank at all times. A sample case is the new ones bathroom furniture by Salgar firm, specifically the series of Alliance Specula Cabinets.

Salgar mirror cabinet

Some relief furniture formidably functional completed on its speculum exterior and Carbon-TX inside, with push or push type opening, which offers us the opportunity to insert it into any ornamental style, thanks to its neutral and modern design, with distinguished straight lines.

In addition to this, its design is conceived to improve the space of the speculum cabinet, introducing compartments for the medicine cabinet, which should never be missing in a home, the space for makeup or grooming, just like a junction box and plug to achieve plugging in the iron or hair dryer, to serve as an example.

Free besides this in different sizesNaturally, in order to locate the one that best fits our space and storage requirements, we were able to find the much wider model, which we observe above these lines, with 3 bodies, followed by the middle model, with 2 bodies and which we observe right here .

Salgar mirror cabinet

And ending with the much smaller Alliance speculum cabinet, ideal to add an additional occupancy and storage space to our small bathrooms, also with 2 bodies.

Salgar mirror cabinet

These truly practical life-saving furniture that combines multiple functionalitiesThey are the ones that are going to differentiate themselves when it comes to occupation in a bathroom, and, as the title of the product says, they are bathroom furniture that cannot be missing.

To curl the curl, The novel series of Alliance Specula Cabinets, also has a way without dependency, with the Lighting alliance; a thin and very elegant band that gives a considerable amount of light, something that is never in excess, and integrates perfectly into the speculum cabinet, covering the entire width of the cabinet at the top, creating a speculum furniture of the much more of today, as we observe under these lines.

Salgar mirror cabinet

With compared to price of the Alliance series of Salgar specula cabinets I did not find anything on their website, but this series of life saving furniture is developed to be competitive and accessible. Even so, to understand the value, we must consult it on its website.

Speculum cabinets are not the only furniture in the Alliance series. Salgar has developed a range of relief furniture for the bathroom with enormous breadth of measures, free spaces and modules to create and design the area we need, using the walls as a base to save as much space in the bathroom as possible.

Salgar auxiliary furniture

Thanks to the wide variety of wall cabinets with their different sizes and finishes, we have the possibility to select the one that best suits our claims or combine multiple free cabinets and modules that act as sideboards, to make a modular relief furniture in the bathroom that satisfies our requests.

Salgar auxiliary furniture

Here’s another example of a viable combination with different Alliance life-saving furniture:

Salgar auxiliary furniture

Thanks to the rescue furniture and free modules They are installed on the wall, we optimize the free space in the bathroom, leaving the floor free and clear, a feeling that will make the bathroom seem much more extensive and less cluttered.

Apart from the different sizes of Alliance relief furniture, these are free in different finishes, such as: glossy white, bay pine, natural or TX charcoal.

Photographs and also information: Salgar

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