Bathroom trends 2016

The bathroom is found in rooms that are much more difficult to personalize in a home. Much more than a matter of aesthetics, the decoration of the bathroom must be practical and useful. In the article you will discover the bathroom trends 2016. From the most outstanding materials to the colors and the design, we … Read more

Corner dining rooms | How to organize the house

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Slate shower trays

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Living room and dining room decoration in large spaces

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Bathrooms in gray

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Modern ideas to decorate a living room

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Decorate bathrooms in white and wood

The rooms of bathroom They are considerably more than rooms where we make our claims and carry out cleaning and beauty tasks. For some time now they became genuine sanctuaries of relaxation. And it happens that there are several of us who resort to this space of the home to disconnect from the daily routine … Read more

5 keys to easily renovate the bathroom

It is like an unrealizable mission, but at Ideasdehogar we guarantee that brand new bathroom easily and without spending a fortune is viable. Hence, we have chosen five good ideas with which you will be able to update the bathroom. From furniture to surface finishes, textiles and small ornamental accessories. In Ideasdehogar we tell you … Read more