Asealia, specialists in bathroom equipment products


At the time of equipping such an essential section of the home as the bathroom it is convenient not to gamble and select the most prominent experts. That is why today we have gone to talk to you about Asealia, a renovation company that has been dealing with the sale of bathroom furnishing articles since the beginning of 2014.

Since that time, they have served much more than 5,000 clients of the service and have new much more than 8,000 bathrooms, always and at all times providing models of quality and offering the most outstanding customer service service. In truth, they are committed to solving any incident in less than 48 hours, something that speaks really well of them.

You will find everything on your page

Although they have a physical store in Paterna, Valencia, you can ask their catalog with much more than 1,000 articles in your page: In exactly the same you will find information as useful as that related to payment methods, the 2-year guarantee, the shipping and returns policy or your duty to society through actions of corporate popular commitment.


Among the main categories of articles you will see that there are all kinds of shower and bath screens, shower trays, bathroom furniture, taps, toilets, sinks, countertops and accessories. There is even an outlet with very attractive costs in which they sell temporary items, that are not manufactured all the time or that were returned by the customers of the service.

Quality and safety

Asealia works with the best manufacturers (Royo Group, Aurea, Resigres, Coycama, Salgar, GME Lorente, Duplach, Imex, Grifería Tres, Profiltek, Bath Stage …) and provides services in other countries such as France, Portugal and also Italy. In addition to this, it has the Online Security seal that guarantees maximum transparency, security and safety at the time of obtaining and walking through its website.

By referring to certain examples, we have the possibility to say that their resin shower trays They are of the best quality and are made with much more resistant materials. Equally well we have the possibility of chatting about the bathroom furniture, which is made with boards that comply with the regulations that are currently in force. They can be purchased in kit or assembled format and there is also the opportunity to order them to measure, in which case the customer benefits from the best value for money on the market.

A blog full of tips

Finally, we also advise you to take a look at its Blog, in which they publish really useful products to update the bathroom from top to bottom. You will find tips to select the ideal bathroom furniture, to create different environments, to select the special sink … They even tell you how the manufacturing development of resin shower trays is!

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