Alcampo: terrace and garden catalog 2015

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Although it has been several days since we officially entered spring, because of the rains and the cold we had not yet been able to enjoy this season of the year. However, the first doses of sun and heat could now be seen in various parts of the geography, with which several of us have now enjoyed the outdoor spaces of our home with ours. If you still have not been able to carry it out due to the fact that you have not conditioned your terrace or garden, it is going to be better that you take a look at Home ideas, while over the last few weeks we have shown you the proposals of different firms for these areas of the home: Hipercor, Casa Viva, Maisons du Monde …

Of course, if you want to decorate your terrace with little money, we advise you to take a look at the new catalog of To field, where you will find the most affordable propositions. We will talk to you about them now!

No interest

Knowing that the title of the new Alcampo catalog is «Decorate your garden with the best promotions», it is not surprising that we have the possibility to find truly economical proposals in it. In addition to this, they make it very simple for us to personalize our garden, while paying with the Alcampo card we have the possibility of paying in 6 months without interests from 120 euros in articles of the garden of the brochure, and in 10 from 200 euros.


How could it be otherwise, in the new Alcampo catalog we were able to find different pieces of furniture to carry out much more comfortable and functional spaces from the exteriors of our home. The unbeatable thing is that we talk about super propositions affordable, managing to locate sets of sofa, armchairs and table for 99 euros. Yes! Yes! Just as you read it! In addition to this, there are different sets of tables and chairs to achieve outdoor lunch and dinner over the next few months. Other furniture that you can find in the brochure are folding armchairs, chairs made of different materials, emergency tables and even a refrigerator table.

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Cushions and parasols

There are also cushions and parasols in the catalog. And it happens that these 2 elements are essential to offer you a touch of comfort to spaces. The former will bring color and tranquility, while the latter will give us shade in the moments in which the sun bothers. As in the previous situation, you will also find very affordable propositions. For example, you will be able to get a fabulous parasol for only 18.99 euros.

Planter and fencing

Your garden or terrace will not be finished until the moment you do not add a plant. And it happens that these elements are essential to offer life and color to the outdoor spaces of the home. Hence, in Alcampo they present us pots of different materials and colors. In addition to this, in the catalog we managed to find an urban stair garden, a mini fence, a roll of grass and even a resin garden chest.

Alcampo2 garden terrace

Other elements for the garden

Nor should there be a lack of ornamental elements in the exterior spaces of your home that give it your personal touch. In this sense, the figures are fundamental. In addition to this, the hypermarket provides us with beacons to illuminate the terrace or garden and different products to go from camping: aluminum bottles, folding tripod chairs, led lamps, bag mats, walking sticks. trekking… Obviously, the catalog does not lack barbecues, essential elements for ordering meals, dinners and parties in the garden or on the terrace. The highlight is that the company provides different models, apart from the essential elements to start them up: ignition pads, charcoal … And if you have enough space, do not hesitate to put a pool and a shed in the outdoor spaces of your home. wood.

Now we leave you with our Gallery, where you will find the images of the catalog that Alcampo has arranged to show us its compilation for the terrace and garden of the current year. Do not miss it!

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