Advantages and disadvantages of terrace enclosures


The terrace or the garden is located within the much more particular areas of the house. In addition to this, this exterior region can also be transformed into a continuation of the interior space through an enclosure system. Although the main obstacle to this measure is the loss of natural light, there are perfectly equipped systems to promote the passage of light from outside to inside. To serve as an example, a glass enclosure has this lighting characteristic. What are the strengths and problems of this alternative?


Virtues of terrace enclosures

If you opt for this alternative, you can enlarge other interior areas, for example, the living room or the kitchen. This can be a practical solution for small flats.

Permanence. You can enjoy your moments of reading and your breakfasts on the terrace throughout each and every one of the seasons of the year, without being conditioned by the environmental changes that are unavoidable during the months.

Less noise. The particularly intense noise pollution in huge cities can make the stay on the terrace not as pleasant as a result of the roars of traffic. However, the enclosure minimizes the collision of sound inside the room, transforming this corner into an interesting shelter of comfort.

Privacy. Privacy is homonym for home. However, depending on our exposure of the terrace, an enclosure can be a practical solution to increase this privacy when enjoying family leisure projects in this part of the house.

Security measures. Several people who live in a low-rise apartment have the possibility of opting for this resolution if they consider that this enclosure increases the security of the home as a general rule in an objective way thanks to the protection that this composition contributes.


Disadvantages of terrace enclosures

In such a case, the terrace loses the inherent specifications of this outdoor corner that becomes an oxygen lung for the home.

If you are crazy about gardening And the hobby of taking care of flowers is one of your favorite home projects, so, you will be able to continue enjoying this activity, however, you will have to mold the genre of flowers to the same conditions of this region of the house that happens to be indoor .

Budget. Carrying out a reform of this kind means investing an added expense in housing. Money that, otherwise, you can save or store for another kind of unforeseen event. It is essential that you request information on the different free elements and correct materials to make terrace enclosures. In addition to this, before starting with the development of the reform, you should find out if this measure is legally tolerated in your building since in the case of apartments that are located in a social network of neighbors, it is convenient to take this aspect into consideration.

Lifestyle. A terrace enclosure is not a universally extended virtue since each house has specific demands from the family that lives in it. From your way of life, the enclosure of the terrace can be a problem if what this alternative contributes to you is less important than what it takes away from you.


Therefore, if you have a terrace or garden region in your home, examine exactly how you can best exploit the pleasure of that space that comes within the home due to the fact that the enclosure It is not a benefit in itself but this aspect is dependent on each specific situation. To serve as an example, you can also estimate what is the frequent time of the place where your home is located.

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