8 very elegant bathrooms with many decoration ideas


The new bathroom raises the value of a flat or a home. There are different styles that add ornamental beauty to this room. However, there is a term that, with some frequency, details the look of this area: distinction. This is how it happens with that complex space that conveys this first impression. Do you want to carry out a reform in the near future? This selection of distinguished bathrooms it is an incessant inspiration.

Marble and flooring that imitates wood


It is essential to select quality materials to update a room that, in addition to this, has specific conditions. Moisture belongs to the effects that it is convenient to prevent in this context. A bathroom has an extended life when it is made from elements that give this endurance. Marble stands out for its durability and has a unique finish on a visual level.

Marble dresses the walls of this decoration that is completed with a floor that imitates the warmth of wood. An ideal combination to make such a pleasant environment.

A very natural look


The distinction has different ways of expressing itself. Ease is a sample case of how to promote the best version of a room that shows its much more natural side. The washbasin cabinet It is one of the main characters in this area. A wooden design with open storage for storing items.

The sum of the different elements gives rise to a very natural and modern initiative. The design of this furniture forms an attractive group with a round countertop sink.

Straight lines


A bathroom has different data that make it unique. To serve as an example, the colors, the materials used in this ornamental undertaking, the accessories and, likewise, its main characteristics. Straight lines are the primary note in this area. This kind of line determines each aspect that makes up this environment that we expose in the form of inspiration.

A bathtub in the center of the bathroom


The ornamental options of the bathroom always and at all times have to be contextualized in the flat of a quarter with a few m2. This alternative should be ruled out in a small space, as it is unfeasible in such a case. However, this may be the distribution chosen to give a particular charm to a much larger quarter: the bathtub can acquire greater visual importance by being placed in the center.

This part stands out in the example that we share as inspiration in the photography of this product.

Special symmetry


There are different ornamental approaches that have the possibility of inspiring you to decorate a very elegant environment. Symmetry is the common thread in this last example. A space with a double sink, specula and lamps who maintain an incessant balance with the group. There is a continuous link between each aspect and the sum of each and every one of the pieces.

Sloped ceiling bathroom


This genre of ceiling contributes a particular atmosphere to a attic which is located in the upper part of the house. But this unevenness can also be differentiated in a bathroom that shows this peculiarity. In such a case, the decoration of the room must value this distinction that is felt on a visual level.

Bathtub with original design


Among the common trends in bathroom renovations is to replace the old bathtub with an exclusive shower. But this part is still a timeless basic. Homonym of a moment of relaxation and comfort. A bathtub with an original design contributes personality to the look of this room that, as we mentioned before, increases the value of a property when it is put up for sale or for rent.

This selection of distinguished and pleasant bathrooms, which we share in Home ideas, has multiple decoration ideas inside.

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