7 basic tips for decorating small bathrooms


The reform of the bathroom removes that property that experiences this point of change. A space has multiple options: focus on what is possible in this context. However, the limits belong to this creative development: a small bathroom highlights the appeal of mini rooms. At Ideasdehogar we share six basic tips for planning this area.

1. Visual lightness in this corner


Make a list of ideas that connect with the analysis of claims that gives place to the ideal environment. It is important that the room is equipped with all the essentials. For example, it is essential that you have storage space.

But, for its part, it is convenient to locate the stability between the occupied space and the void. The furniture with open storage they generate the expected effect in this kind of context. On the other hand, suspended designs are in trend. This furniture combines occupation and aesthetics. Therefore, it prevents reloading this room with a multitude of elements.

2. Choose colors that emphasize spaciousness


The same bathroom can show a completely different vision depending on the chromatic base that defines that area. It is convenient to prioritize those elements that are able to promote the feeling of spaciousness in a small space. That is, discard those tones that dwarf the place and take light out of this room. Gaps are especially helpful for finding the purpose described in this chapter.

The decision of the colors used in the bathroom renovation will not only depend on this issue. There are other changing ones that it is convenient to consider. Does this room have a window or does it not have this source of natural light?

3. White door


Each and every one of the data in this area matters to make a group in harmony. The door that leads to the interior of this room determines it. Sometimes, the renovation of the decoration is not the consequence of a complete transformation. A white door it is especially very elegant in small rooms while this tone emphasizes the spaciousness.

4. Create a focal point in the decoration of this room


There are different points that an individual feels in that room that he looks at for the first time. To serve as an example, perhaps that corner is small. But there are other perceptible characteristics in that area. The focal point in décor elevates the aesthetics of the bathroom. The speculum It is a part that can be transformed into that point to be highlighted. It is a complement that adds light and, in addition to this, creates a feeling of depth. A depth that is especially advisable in a bathroom with few m2.

5. Change the bathtub for a shower


There are resolutions that are conditioned by the restriction of space. And this is one of them. Among the usual changes that are generated in bathroom renovations is the substitution of the bathtub for the shower. This last option capacity the availability. But, in addition to this, this initiative occupies less area.

6. Suspended sink with towel rail that comes inside


The washbasin cabinet fulfills an essential function in this bathroom. Add storage space to store basic models in this room. But there are other basic functions that add to the value of this design. This is the case with those models that have a towel rack that comes inside that is so practical on a day-to-day basis. This is among the important keys to beautify a small quarter: create a practical decoration.

7. Protect data for charming decoration


A charming decoration is one that highlights the level of relevance that accessories have. Complements that, in truth, have the possibility of adding a touch of color to a white room.

Therefore, this selection of basic tips for decorating small bathrooms, can guide you in an upcoming renovation.

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