60 Modern White Bathrooms: Large, Small and in Wood

The white bathrooms They are the much simpler way of guessing when decorating or choosing the color of the bathroom, while, apart from making them much brighter and visually much more enormous, they also achieve a timeless aura, which we have the possibility of exploiting with the time goes by to renew accessories and other little things, and show a bathroom as new no matter how time goes by.

And if the bathroom environment is exaggeratedly cold, we always have the possibility of adding materials such as wood or warm textiles, such as playing with the lighting to find the precise warmth.

So, I have ready 60 photos of white bathrooms, delegates in three categories: Modern White Bathrooms, Small White Bathrooms and White and Wood Bathrooms, so that you find the one that best suits your claims.

You can read the finished product, which has no waste, or you can use this small index to go directly to the bathroom category you need.

Photographs of modern white bathrooms

A white marble bathroom

Practically minimalist, with a furniture in cream tones suspended with a white top, and the rest in white Carrara marble and dais on the floor in very light tones. A very bright and very elegant bathroom. Marble is what you have.

A modern white bathroom

Suspended furniture is much faster, both visually and physically commenting, as they leave the bottom part free, to put the feet, without obstacles and present us with a small storage space that we always have the possibility at all times. to explode.

A bright white bathroom

Design and photography Silvias Home

All in white with the walls not covered with tiles but rather painted white. If your bathroom has good natural light and you paint it white, you are going to have a bathroom that is too bright.

A bright white bathroom

Design and photography Villa V Interieur

Carpets and hardwood floors are our partners for the right warmth in a modern white bathroom.

A modern white bathroom


We also have the possibility of using the bathroom countertop as an element that gives warmth to the white bathroom and choosing it made of wood.

modern white bathroom 4

Design by @ this_e17_life from This y also17 Life

We also have the possibility of making or recovering an exposed brick wall for the white bathroom and offer it much more texture, presence and warmth.

Naturally, if we add wood or wood-imitation ceramic, it is quite superior, since in this way it will be much more pleasant and not so cold.

A modern white bathroom

Photography and Design Sunny Circle Studio | Instagram @ErinWheeler

Let us never forget the power of the soil as an ornamental element. At the moment the compositions of materials that merge in our floor are taken causing a very interesting transition, or the mosaic of gresite in multiple tones or in black and white as we observe in the bathroom above.

A modern white bathroom

If instead of pure white you dye it a little with black, you will be able to color the walls a very, very clear gray that gives much more presence and dresses the walls, just in case the immaculate white does not quite seduce you.

A modern white bathroom with freestanding bathtub

Bathroom by DIY Shelley for Style Curator

If we opt for a total white bathroom, we have the possibility of adding another type of color to the floor, even if it is a neutral tone, such as the gray of the ceramic floor that we observe above these lines, and then adding warm materials such as fibers vegetables in rugs, baskets, and also plants, to break that coldness and monotony, and make a much more pleasant bathroom.

A white bathroom with gray furniture

Photography The Lily Pad Cottage

If you now have white walls and white floors, unless you want a total white bathroom, you can add or color the sink cabinet, to make a certain contrast and not make an all white bathroom.

A modern white bathroom

We also have the possibility of adding white to toilets, doors, sinks, furniture and others, leaving the walls to add another color, and even in this way, enjoy a white bathroom.

A black and white bathroom

If we are not sure about which floor to select, flat gray floors, in light or dark tones, work really well in white bathrooms, creating a very elegant combination. As you well know, white, black and gray are the most distinguished colors there is.

Modern white bathroom

Design and photography Irena Poliakovato

We also have the possibility of using 3D ornamental squares or textured tiles to add attractive textures and nuances.

A minimalist white bathroom

Design and photography Meinfeinesheim

If we seek a minimalist environment, the option of white and furniture with straight and easy lines is what we require. If we add black data, we enhance the minimalist style.

A white bathroom with wooden cabinet

Design and photography Pretty Handy Girl | Instagram @Prettyhandygirl

As much as we like the purity of white, it is advisable, as we have been observing throughout the product, to add warm elements, such as wood, even if it is in dark tones, such as the one that the beautiful vintage furniture looks like in the bathroom above these lines.

Let’s move on to a lot more white baths.

An elegant white bathroom

Design and photography Decor Aid

All open, extensive and bright, in white tones combined with creams on the floor and wall of the shower and bathtub.

A white bathroom with a screen with black profiles

Design and photography @beachsociety from Beach Society Design

We also have the possibility of adding exactly the same type of frame to the black screen, to continue with the style of the rest of the bathroom, in such a case in white, black and gray. Very Today.

A white bathroom with cream-toned tile

As you have been observing throughout the entire product, white bathrooms have the possibility of being cold, and even more so with the white and cold lighting that is in them. For this reason, it is always advisable to add warm materials, colors or textures, such as the bathroom above in this paragraph with tiles in earth tones.

A white bathroom in an attic

Design and photography Tam_i_tu by Mojetamitu

The accessories such as taps, shower taps, towel racks and other elements that we can find in a bathroom with a black finish, today’s inclination, strengthen the feeling of modernity when they are mixed in pure spaces completely decorated with white.

If after seeing these bathrooms you were left wanting to spare, here you can see another 75 bathroom designs to get ideas, or, if you want, continue in this article, observing the next section.

Let’s continue as.

Small white bathrooms

A small white bathroom

Photography and design Estibaliz Martín

It is not a requirement to have a white bathroom when it is small, but it must be admitted that it is the color that is much more corresponding and that it gives the best result, strengthening the light and making the spaces visually much more enormous. Here we can consult the most prominent colors to color a bathroom with little natural light.

A small modern white bathroom

Design and Photography @Katie Ellison Home

Using the walls to add sideboards is one way to improve and decorate a small bathroom.

A small white bathroom

Design and photography Mi Reforma

For a small bathroom, it is better to hang furniture according to the size of the bathroom so as not to saturate the space.

Today we have in our predisposition truly practical small bathroom furniture that fits practically everything.

An elegant white small bathroom

Design and photography Love Tear Sand Teepees

The embedded cisterns eat us certain centimeters, but the sensation of visual lightness that they give is well worth those centimeters that they steal from us.

A bright white bathroom

While there is little natural light, the white bathroom will take care of boosting that light. If in addition to this we add nuances in earth tones or beige, we have added an addition of warmth.

A modern white bathroom

Petite Harmonie Photography and Entrepreneurship

Betting on straight and easy lines makes the bathroom seem much faster, and not as overloaded.

Small white bathroom

Photography and design Paloma Angulo

Using huge specula, up to the ceiling or covering the entire area of ​​the wall will make them multiply the light, thus multiplying the space, albeit visually.

modern white bathroom 35

Design and photography Jaccikelly

Keep it simple, everything neat so as not to clutter up the space and make the bathroom seem much larger than it is. Non-concrete screens, a partially new screen model for showers and bathtubs, are visually much lighter and do not cut into space.

A small white bathroom

Design and photography Chezdhillon

If we want to add something much more design or decoration to the bathroom, we have the possibility of carrying it out through the floor or with the placement of the tile itself, creating an attractive pattern, like this wide herringbone pattern that we see above in this paragraph.

modern white bathroom 14

Ar Home Entrepreneurship

The fewer elements we have, much more orderly and much larger the bathroom will seem, or explained in another way, the less suffocating it will be.

The very materials and finishes of the furniture, partitions and other elements of the bathroom are those that are dedicated to giving it style. Do not complicate yourself.

A small white bathroom with a metal partition with glass panels

Design and photography @littleterracedhouse by Little Terraced House

The metal partitions with glass panels, like the interior enclosures, have become inclined. It is true that they recharge much more, but they have a style that is worthwhile.

modern white bathroom 11

Petite Harmonie Photography and Entrepreneurship

Although the relief tiles are spectacular, it is advisable not to abuse them, even if it is a total white bathroom, so that they do not overload the scene.

If you want to show much more ornate tiles, use the floor so that the eyes go to it instead of the walls.

Here you can also see tiles for small bathrooms.

A minimalist black and white bathroom

Design and photography Nathalie Verbeeck

All in white with certain elements in black and the floor in parquet or wooden imitation also in white tones, to achieve a clear and clean aesthetic ideal for small bathrooms.

A white Ikea bathroom

IKEA Photography

All in white, with exposed white brick walls, white wood floors, and mustard accents and some wood accents.

A small white bathroom with a freestanding bathtub

Straight lines, easy, and all white so that, even in a small bathroom, a freestanding bathtub with enough style will fit. To add a touch of warmth and color, we have the possibility of using the soil.

A small bathroom with plants

Design and photography Berge Elisabeth

Plants naturally bring a lot of life to a bathroom, especially when it is white and gray, practically aseptic.

If you wanted to see much more small bathrooms, although they are not all in white, here you can see other 50 ideas to decorate a small bathroom.

And now let’s move on to the white and wood bathrooms, a slant combination.

White and wood bathrooms

A white and wooden bathroom

Design and photography Sugar and Charm | Instagram Sugar & Charm

Everything in white, except for the bathroom cabinet finished in light wood, and the sideboards that dress the wall in exactly the same tone of wood. In addition to this, certain plants to make a space much more pleasant and alive.

A white bathroom with wooden cabinet

Entrepreneurship Decor Aid

The combination of white and natural wood in light tones is special, and the grayish tone on the floor is the ideal ally of transition between the 2 tones.

White and wood bathroom


It is not a requirement to add wood in furniture, we have the possibility of using it on the floor.

modern white bathroom

All white except for the beautiful large wood bathroom cabinet and the hexagonal clay tile floor, giving the entire bathroom warmth and presence. A floor with a lot of personality.

A white and wood bathroom

Design and Photography Northernestates by Northern Estates

Vintage in style, with the vast wood of the beautiful washbasin as the main character of the bathroom. The set of tiles, although in white, also add decoration and give character to the bathroom.

A modern white bathroom with ash wood finish cabinet

The wood type American ash or white ash also combines spectacularly in white bathrooms. This wood is incredibly malleable just as strong and very strong.

And, although you do not use original wood, you can also carry out imitation of this wood, even in ceramic finish.

White and wood bathroom

With the floor and a built-in shelf that runs around the perimeter of the wooden bathroom.

White and wood bathroom

Designed by KarolinaKrac

This would be the precise definition of a modern, small, white and wood bathroom.

modern white bathroom 43

With a wall wrapped in wood-effect tile, in exactly the same tone as the cabinet and the sink counter.

modern white bathroom 2

Design and photography Prosto W Szarosci

With natural elements such as a lot of wood and plants. Although not all wood is natural, but rather wood-imitation ceramic, it is also worth it. Swear that it is the same tone so as not to make a visual chaos.

A white and wooden bathroom with a vintage cabinet

Photography and design Bre Purposed | Instagram @brepurposed

Modern vintage cut, with a beautiful vintage or Mid Century cabinet saved and used as a vanity unit.

This class of furniture has considerably more presence than the usual bathroom furniture, it seems that it has a history, right?

A white and wood bathroom

Photograph by Sílvia Caballero

With a very elegant piece of furniture finished with a barbarian wooden countertop, matching the wooden floor in light tones.

White and wood bathroom

Valeruanka Design

With the wood-paneled floor continued up to the ceiling through a single wall, creating a most alluring focal point. And pleasant. Besides this, it is not a very difficult work to effect.

If you wanted to see much more bathrooms in this way, here you can see certain different models of bathrooms in white and wood, and here see other 60 ideas to decorate a modern bathroom.

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