50 photos and ideas to decorate a small bathroom

Most of the old houses have small bathrooms and, unless they are reformed, you have to make do with the space that there is.

Not only old houses, many of the modern houses or apartments also have small bathrooms.

In this way, the only thing left is to pull talent and seek resolutions to find that our bathroom, despite being small, is a comfortable space; since space is not at odds with style, whatever ours is.

With the above mentioned, let’s start with this series of 50 photos and ideas for small and modern bathrooms that I have arranged so that you can decorate and design your bathroom, improving every inch and creating a very modern bathroom.

Take note and get ideas for yours, which we started.

Product updated 3/7/2019

With bathtub.

Small modern bathroom in white with freestanding bathtub

If you do not want to do without the bathtub, this is a sample case of how in a very small bathroom you have the possibility of having one and with a lot of style.

Measure well, distribute better and have fun with a bathtub in your bathroom if that is what you really want.

Very today.

A small modern bathroom in green and gold tones

Photography Old Brand New | Instagram @dabito

The ornamental composition of the tiles is what conveys the importance in this other small bathroom, transforming it into one with good taste.

The green tiles with that vintage pattern, the wooden suspended cabinet and the gold accents give it a style that many of the much more sumptuous bathrooms that I have seen would love. You can see the before and after this bath on the Old Brand New blog.

Warm and nice.

A small bathroom in white and wood

Valeruanka Design

Wood is a material that previously seemed to be prohibited in bathrooms, but at this time, thanks to the new treatments to which this material is subjected, we have the possibility of covering the bathroom completely if we wish with it.

If you are looking for a warm and pleasant bath, you need to put wood in it.

If you enjoy this combination, here you can see much more white and wood bathrooms.

Add a particular look.

A small bathroom with a raw stone sink

Photography and design Estibaliz Martín

Find the right furniture and excellent tiles, and then add a particular look to it that stands out, like a wild stone sink to gain style and personality in the bathroom no matter how small.

In addition to this, if you like modern rustic bathrooms, this is a nice way to add a rustic touch.

A small bathroom with a rough wood countertop

Photography and Yevea Wood Countertop

If you don’t want to do it with the sink, you can do it with the countertop. Choosing an attractive one that tops the bathroom decoration, like this barbarian natural wood that we see above.

Practical and luminous.

A small bathroom with a black metal partition with glass panels.

Design and photography @littleterracedhouse by Little Terraced House

A perfect example of how to distribute and exploit a small bathroom that does not lack anything for our toilet, without recharging the space. The black metal and glass paneled bath screen adds style to this small bathroom.

Place the speculum on the furniture or counter.

A small bathroom with the mirror on the counter

Design and photography Just a Touch of Gray

It is a way of providing a very attractive ornamental point to the bathroom. It is still possible that it will suit you better, since if the speculum is large and the ceiling is small, you will not be able to hang it on the wall.

Improving the space.

A small and modern bathroom with a black floor and optimized space

Photography @ capable704

By choosing wisely the different elements that make up the bathroom, as well as the toilet, the sink, the cabinets, the shower or shower cabin, in a perfect but corresponding size for the dimensions of a small bathroom, we will optimize the free space.

Neutral and clear.

A small bathroom in white with red and green details

With the right elements and appropriate colors to make a clean and uncluttered space.

tip: In small bathrooms, it prevents overloading the space and also tries to maintain order. A messy bathroom, whether large or small, will always and at all times seem much smaller due to its chaos.

Take a look at this one above these lines. It is a very ordinary bathroom, but it is clean and uncluttered, all in white with red accents. Flirtatious and pretty. It is not required considerably more.

Very elegant marble and gold.

A small modern bathroom in marble and gold accents

Design and photography Love Tear Sand Teepees

The very elegant non-embellished marble fits spectacularly into small spaces, transforming them into classy bathrooms.

If you add golden accents to the marble, which you can easily include in taps, towel racks and other accessories, you will achieve a delicate aesthetic.

The marble in white tones better than in dark so that the small bathroom is much more luminous.

No marble but very elegant.

A small elegant bathroom in gray tones

Entrepreneurship Decor Aid

There is no reason to resort to marble if you do not want, although you do seek a very elegant bathroom. There are delicate ceramics that can find a very elegant finish as we can see in the small bathroom above these lines.

All covered with wood.

A small bathroom with white painted wood paneled walls

Design and photography Jenna kate at Home

It is not a solution that is usually seen a lot in Spain at least. But it is a great idea to give the bathroom warmth, even if the wood is painted white.

Create visual continuity.

A small bathroom with visual continuity

Photography ?

If you eliminate each and every one of the architectural barriers and choose the shower screen without concrete, you will create visual continuity in the bathroom, and it will appear much larger and uncluttered.

Modern white.

A small modern bathroom in minimalist black and white

Design and photography Nathalie Verbeeck

All in white, with shades of black to break up the dominant monotony of white and add contrast. This bathroom is an excellent example to see how the right tiles for small bathrooms work.

If you find the whole bathroom cold enough white, apart from the black accents for contrast and distinction, add some vegetable fiber accessories such as baskets, baskets and also some wood, and you will give warmth to the bathroom.

White and light.

A small modern bathroom in minimalist black and white

Design and photography Meinfeinesheim

A huge combination for a small bathroom: white.

Whether in ceramic or paint, white is the color that much more percentage of light reflects, so that as soon as it receives, the bathroom will be transformed into a much more luminous space.

If you find it quite bland, you can add decoration on the floor, leaving the walls free to project maximum light.

With a dramatic touch, all in black.

A small bathroom painted black

Photography and Design Dear Lillie

It is not the first recommendation that I would give you to color a small bathroom, far from it, but it must be admitted that black is beautiful and very elegant even in small spaces.

Very elegant green and gold.

A small bathroom in green and gold

Design and photography Dreaming Home | Instagram @Dreamignhomeblog

It will not be the first small bathroom that we observe in this way in the article.

And that’s the way it is because the green and gold data are between the pairs currently.

You just have to look at how well they are together in the bathroom above these lines.

Warm with correct furniture.

A small bathroom in white and wood

Design and photography Mi Reforma

Simple, comfortable and bright. A bath today.

The winning palette in white and wood has been used, using a small suspended furniture, so as not to saturate the space, and as you can see, the bathroom is much more flirtatious and of today.

Backlit specula

A small bathroom with hexagonal tile and a backlit round mirror

Design and photography Urban Suite

Backlit specula are another way to achieve spot lighting in a bathroom, apart from giving it a very modern touch.

You have them free in round format or in other geometric shapes to find the one that suits your bathroom and your wishes.

Play with the tiles.

A small bathroom with wide herringbone subway tile

Design and photography Chezdhillon

The tiles are versatile due to the fact that they come in a huge range of finishes, but to these finishes, in addition to this, we must add our tile placement, which multiplies our ornamental options.

In the small bathroom that we see above these lines, wide herringbone tiles have been placed, giving a modern pattern to the entire bathroom.

Explore the different options when it comes to tile placement to give your bathroom a certain style.

Chic, with pink details.

A cute little bathroom

Design and photography Jaccikelly

Everything in white except the hexagonal geometric tile floor, a bathroom screen without concrete to avoid saturating the space and captivating touches of pink to offer personality to the bathroom.

Create an accent wall.

Small bathroom with blue subway tile and round mirror

Photography and design Estudio R de Room

Create an accent wall, the main one, where the bathroom cabinet is to advise the eye to it and disguise the size of the bathroom.

The rest in white to gain light and amplitude.

Put the spotlight on the ground.

A small modern bathroom

Petite Harmonie Photography and Entrepreneurship

If you put the spotlight on the floor with a nice pavement, you will guide the eye to the floor realizing that the bathroom does not seem so small.

It is an efficient way to disguise its size.

With data that makes a difference.

A small modern bathroom with a matt black shower screen

Ar Home Entrepreneurship

Shower or bath screens with matt black profiles are today an ornamental inclination.

Its much more complex and very elegant finish gives the bathrooms a subtle touch of design that can be differentiated.

Modern black and white.

A modern rustic bathroom

Photography @carpendaughter

There are many environments that have the possibility of being able with the black and white couple: very elegant, complex or casual, like the one we observe above these lines.

If you add accents in gold or gold in addition to this, you will enhance this effect.


A small modern bathroom with a bathtub and black and white

Design and Photography @Katie Ellison Home

Look at each and every one of the details of this small bathroom. It does not have waste.

A mini washbasin, but with a white design with a black tap under the window.

And where you think the sink should go, on the large wall, it was chosen to put a freestanding bathtub, and on top of it a round speculum with a black frame.

And everything to match, in black and white.

A gem of a bathroom.

Modern little checkerboard.

A small modern bathroom

Photography and Design Little Miss Party Planner

Combine tiles and wood to give the bathroom texture and contrast. Although the final contrast is white, it will fill the bathroom with style.

Naturally, it must be carried out with happiness and with the right finishes, not everything goes.

Black and white complex.

A small bathroom in black and white

Design and photography Kristina Lynne | Instragram @bykristinalynne

As stated before, there are many ways to add black and white to a space. The one we observe above this paragraph is very elegant and delicate, but with a hint of warmth, not as cold as other such minimalist bathrooms.

Sumptuous coral.

A small modern bathroom in coral color

Design and photography Artem Tafy

The coral color is a very elegant and daring color that there is. If you enjoy this color, here you can see colors that mix with the coral color to combine it properly.

Regarding the incredible bathroom, the walls were left flat to be painted a strong coral, and a white tile grid with the black joint for the floor and one wall.

Classic warmth.

A small white Ikea bathroom with yellow details

Photography and IKEA items

All in white, and then you put color accents in textiles and others, creating a very interesting palette, and simple to use, don’t you think?

Vintage industrial cut with a touch of pink.

A small bathroom with a pink cabinet

Design and photography Roses and Rolltops

This is a personal alternative, but you will not deny me that the bathroom cabinet in pink with the spacious and beautiful finishes of the industrial and vintage design does not create a contrast from the much more of today.

Black worktop.

nice modern small bathroom 27 1

Following the line that we have been observing in black and white, another piece of information that you can add in black is the countertop.

Neat and clear.

Small modern blue bathroom

photography DIY Show Off

Keeping everything in order is essential for peace of mind in the bathroom.

Relaxing and special.

Small modern relaxing bathroom

Photography Bower Power Blog

There are colors that go spectacular together. A sample case is grayish earth tones and pastel blues, as seen in the bathroom above.

In pink and black.

A small bathroom in pink and black

Design and photography Inside Her Home

Another combination of colors that you can adopt for your bathroom is the pink and black, also very modern and delicate.

This pretty pink bathroom shows off its walls in a serene and contemporary dusty tone, with details in black, such as the faucet and the speculum frame, and the front of the sink has been lined with Moroccan zellige in white. A success.

Using the space.

A very small bathroom

Infarrantly Creative Photography

If the architecture and floor plan of the bathroom is irregular, each hole will have to be exploited with ingenuity.

Fortunately today locating toilets, sinks, furniture and other items for the bathroom in a multitude of sizes is not inconvenient.

Keep it easy and add plants.

A small modern bathroom with plants

Design and photography Sugar and Charm

If you hold the bathroom with an easy and collected design, no matter how small it is, it will look good. To add a very affordable ornamental touch that always and at all times looks good in any space, use plants. You don’t need much more.

What do you think of these modern bathrooms? If they knew you little, here you can see 60 ideas much more.

Minimalist countertops.

A small bathroom with a minimalist countertop

Design and photography The Merry Thought

If you now have enough storage space, you can opt for having a minimalist countertop, in the material you want, without a cupboard below, creating an unobstructed and easy view that is always and at all times appreciated in small bathrooms.

With wallpaper.

A small bathroom with wallpaper

Design and photography With Kendra

Add a beautiful wallpaper that adds style and character to the whole space. If each and every one of the walls seems excessive, cover only the one with the speculum, the main one, and the rest in simple white, which has a lot of color with the paper.

A small bathroom lined with wallpaper

Design and photography Dear Lillie Studio

Or, if you don’t mind, you can perfectly cover each and every wall, from floor to ceiling with wallpaper.

A small bathroom with blue wallpaper

Design and Photography A Thoughtful Place

If the bathroom has good natural lighting, the better. You may be able to expose yourself much more with a wallpaper.

Add color accents.

A small bathroom full of color

Design and photography Haneens Haven

For a much more cheerful and lively decoration, add accents of color, well in accessories, sheets, pictures and other ornamental accessories to get a much more attractive bathroom.

In pink and gold very chic.

A small bathroom in pink and gold

Design and photography Pizzazzerie

Forget about size and think about its decoration. Add a nice pink wallpaper with gold accents and warm wood and you will have a much more chic bathroom today. Don’t you think how much more this bathroom is? It seems to me so much happier.

In neutral tones.

A small bathroom in white and gray tones in vintage style

Photography Charlotte Duck Worth

In contrast to the previous bathroom, full of color, you can also opt for a much more neutral palette, which is always and at all times much calmer and less recharges the bathroom.

To give it personality, it uses different textures, finishes and materials, such as paint, tile, wood, ceramic, metal, etc.

Warm and nice.

A small bathroom with lots of wood

Design and photography Prosto W Szarosci

If you are looking for a warm and pleasant feeling when you enter the bathroom, add wood, whether it be on the floor, with the appearance of a platform, imitation of wood, on the countertop, accessories or even on the walls, as we have seen now.

What do you think of these small bathrooms? As you can see, regardless of their size you can get a huge benefit from them.

It takes a lot more talent to use, but it’s worth it. If you want to play it safe, apart from being inspired by these ideas, I suggest you take a look at the 7 essentials for a small bathroom, and make the most of your space.

Or you can also see much more ideas in these 75 modern bathroom designs.

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