Types of bars for shower curtains

Shower curtains have the potential to be really ornamental. Apart from performing its protection function, both of privacy and of not soaking the entire bathroom, we have the possibility of opting for putting an original and different one that fills the bathroom with personality. But what happens to the bars that support them? They can … Read more

Paint for enamelling bathtubs

The room of bathroom always and at all times it was among the much more essential rooms of the home, but in recent times it has achieved greater importance, since it went from being a space in which to wash and make the claims, to a genuine temple of relaxation, in the one that several … Read more

Photos of blue bathrooms

The bathroom always and at all times it was among the much more essential rooms of the home, although never has so much attention been paid to the decoration of this corner as at this time. And it happens that in these moments the bathroom is considerably more than a room where we can make … Read more

Accessories for a swimming pool

The moment you decide get a pool you have to take into consideration several causes such as size, style, safety and even the material itself. No matter what kind of pool you want, it can be above ground or buried, square, square, pentagonal, circular, oval, etc. Each and every one of them needs complements so … Read more

Gunni & Trentino designer bathrooms

The designer bathrooms they are, quite simply, sensational. Today we will understand the propositions of Gunni & Trentino that chooses the most outstanding furniture, taps, sanitary ware and accessories from reputed manufacturers of wellness and design to achieve traditional and modern bathrooms with high definition finishes. Lavatories, spa cabins, whirlpools, traditional clawfoot or modern bathtubs … Read more