Feng Shui Colors for a Bathroom in Harmony

Due to the excess of water and the cold environment by nature, among many other things, the bathroom belongs to the much more problematic spaces at the time we talk about Feng Shui. But with the appropriate colors paired with the correct finishes and materials, we have the potential to achieve a positive Feng Shui … Read more

New trend materials for designer bathrooms

In recent times there has been a huge advance when it comes to materials for bathrooms, especially for designer bathrooms, which use the latest trends. These materials are not only much more aesthetic and durable, but also have virtues as well as simplicity of installation, a tragic reduction in the cost of time to install … Read more

36 marble details to decorate your bathroom

Today I want to share 36 data on marble to personalize your bathroom, marble belongs to the most sumptuous materials that there are to personalize bathrooms or any other space in the home, its design and engravings make it so exclusive that wherever you add it it’s going to look beautiful. And in a case … Read more

Organization ideas for your bathroom

In today’s article I want to exploit to share with multiple of our readers who had asked us for ideas of suitable organization for the bathroom, so I set out to find different ideas that have the possibility of being very useful to them. help in this space that must be in order, whether for … Read more

Ceramic designs for bathrooms

We frequently collide with novel propositions that allow us to customize or update our spaces, some of the ideas that most catch my attention are those of the bathroom, they are also one of the most requested options of each and every one, this time I will share certain ceramic designs for bathrooms what do … Read more