Illuminate the garden with ambient light

The gardens They have their particular moment at sunset and now late at night, at a time when we also have the possibility of taking advantage of them thanks to correct lighting. In very warm places, the sunset is appreciated, which lets the coolness of the night explode for dinner, talking or simply resting. But … Read more

Glass walkways for swimming pools

It’s time swimming pools, water, gardens, sun … It is time to fully exploit the outdoor spaces of the house. Lately I was telling you how you can find different colors in your pools, and today we will see a novelty from the Vetrolux company, which will help us to enjoy considerably more the beauty … Read more

Nortene IPE series for the garden

The beautiful pergola What you can see on these lines is a part of the IPE compilation of constructions and accessories for garden and terrace from the Nortene firm, in charge of gardening and outdoor equipment. The brand highlights more than anything in its articles the virtues of the wood with which they are made: … Read more

Tips for maintaining a pool

The swimming pools They are a factor that is used a lot in this season of the year, and although we are now in the month of September, surely there are still several weeks to enjoy them, especially if you live in a region where summer lasts a little much longer. Swimming pools require you … Read more

Fractal Garden, a garden on wheels

If you would like yard every so often it changes its predisposition and offers new decoration options, at this moment it is viable with this interesting design that was launched lately. His name is Fractal Garden and it is the work of the art and architecture collective Legge Lewis Legge, which comes inside by Andrea … Read more

Eurobrico 2012: the DIY fair

At Ideasdehogar we understand that several of our followers are enthusiasts of the DIY. And it happens that there are few things so rewarding than creating furniture, making installations or renovating the home with your own hands… Hence, events like the one that I bring you today are becoming more and more popular. On October … Read more

Tanks to collect rainwater

Savings and sustainability, again, they are the main characters of one of our posts. In such a case, I bring you the opportunity to grab one of the much more appreciated (and free) resources that we have: rainwater. Over several years, cisterns They were something frequent in a country like ours, where a large part … Read more

Aluminum pergolas for the garden

The aluminum pergolas They are one of the best options to divide environments in the garden, thus achieving a region distinguished from the rest. The pergolas are used to be used eminently to define a resting or dining area since they have the possibility of protecting from the sun, rain, wind or some other weather … Read more

Wooden pergolas for the garden

The pergolas They belong to the much more attractive ornamental elements for gardens and terraces since they not only decorate but also help you to find a different environment, such as putting a dining, reading or resting area in any outdoor space. A few days ago I wrote a product about aluminum pergolas and today … Read more

Balinese beds, a trend for outdoors

The balinese beds They are one of the considerable ornamental trends of the last 2 years, and it does not seem that they are going to go out of trend, at least for now. This kind of beds are for use in the garden, terrace or any outdoor space that you have in your home, … Read more