Garden furniture 2015

In what way do you affirm? What have you not yet put the exterior spaces of your next home? Since it is about time you did it! And it happens that the summer, a season where we take advantage of these areas of the house much more, is on the verge of arriving. To help … Read more

Creating #MiHuertoCompo in a relaxed day

A few days ago we had the possibility to attend an event organized by COMPO in which we were able to study that having a vegetable patch urban at home is much simpler than it seems, especially if we have the models provided by the company. «Love for the natural, passion for the genuine.» This … Read more

How to prepare the pool for the summer

Little by little the temperatures are rising, which means that in a very little bit we will be able to enjoy to the limit of certain best things that summer has. For example, all those who have pool they will be able to enjoy refreshing and entertaining baths in their home. Of course, before the … Read more

Decorate the exterior of the house with color

Sun, pleasant temperatures and much longer days. The good weather came to stay with us for several months, in this way that we will go to receive you as you deserve with a cheerful, inviting and colorful summer decoration. Our mission today at Ideasdehogar is to guide you to customize outdoor environments with a touch … Read more

Conforama: garden catalog 2015

We imagine that at this point you now have your next garden for the summer, but if you still have things to do and some other furniture and accessories to put in the outdoor spaces of your home, you will have to be very attentive to what we tell you now. And it happens that … Read more

Vertical gardens to decorate your home

If you want to offer a different touch to the exterior of your home, today I will explain certain ideas to make vertical gardens, an original and entertaining way to put your plants and flowers that, apart from helping you to exploit the space upwards, will help to design a beautiful decoration on your terrace, … Read more

How to choose the best sunbed

It is the beach and pool season, to lie down in the sun, or trying to find the shade, and spend some moments of relaxation. If you want a lounger for your garden or to enjoy the sea, you will have to choose it appropriately. Today we will see certain notices for this and it … Read more

Balinese pergolas for the garden

The most essential thing when preparing the garden or terrace for the much warmer season of the year is to get a practical and comfortable space in which to enjoy both day and night. In this way, apart from having outdoor furniture that allows us to eat and relax, it is a requirement to have … Read more