Outdoor Jacuzzi – fifty spectacular ideas

A relaxing bath with water massage throughout the sunset, wouldn’t that be wonderful? Today we show you fifty examples of terraces and gardens with outdoor jacuzzi. We will also observe that there are quite accessible models of bathtubs with Jacuzzi, but also the built-in jacuzzis nowadays offer a lot of news, do not miss them. … Read more

Bamboo poles to decorate patios and terraces

In today’s article we are going to talk about the straws of bamboo as decoration of patios and terraces to give an exotic touch. Bamboo is a tropical and Asian plant and in its family we managed to find many different species. The straws or stems of this plant are fast but resistant, which is … Read more

Easy crafts – how to make original planters

Looking for an original way to personalize your garden? Look no further, today we are showing twenty-five ideas of easy crafts to make great planters and pots for your plants by recycling old furniture and items. Generally, any object can be useful as an ornament for the garden, it is enough to meditate on how … Read more

Pools gardens design – our patio in 2015.

Pools, gardens design and a sea of ​​fun in the garden, this is what our gallery of images and certain ideas that we bring together today will deal with. If we now have a patio, the usual thing is that we consider going to another level. By introducing a pool the change will be remarkable. … Read more

50 incredible ideas to decorate it with plants.

As you can imagine, on hot days there is no better space than the garden or the terraces. Refresh a bit at least enjoying a slow breeze is much more than a must these days. The terraces are uniquely transformed into points of celebrations and assemblies with friends. One method of making this space a … Read more