16 Tips for Bathroom Lighting

An intimate space, for cleaning and relaxation that must be useful and also beautiful. The bathroom is located within the much more private areas of the home that we use multiple times every day, but for some reason always and at all times is set aside to plan its design and decoration.

In a bathroom the first thing is the occupation, since it has to be a clean, comfortable and also illuminated space, a fundamental characteristic. Light is what makes it easier for us to carry out different occupations properly and creates a particular environment.

Apart from fulfilling a function, light can also decorate a space. For this reason, today we offer you several tips on how to be able to correctly illuminate your bathroom and also certain design ideas that you can use in your area.

Look for the entrance of natural light



In any environment, natural light is a factor to take into consideration to integrate and convert your space. Apart from offering illumination, it does not alter the colors and provides a light suit in the space.

If you have a window in your bathroom, or you can put one, it exploits to the limit the direction of entry of the light and prevents it from obstructing it with the furniture. If the window is in the shower, as we can consult with between the windows in the photograph, use a glass partition to omit as much light as possible.

Build a skylight in your bathroom



A very original way to add light to your bathroom is through the ceiling. If you live in a house or on the top floor, you can add a skylight and add lots of light to the bathroom.

It is not necessary that it be a huge window overlooking the sky, with only a glass slit as we can see in the photograph, you can make a very original entry of natural light that will help you to better light your bathroom.

Plan the general lighting



In a space we have three types of light: general, specific and ornamental. Undoubtedly, the first 2 types are essential in the bathroom because it is a service space, while the ornamental is optional.

Consequently, when lighting a bathroom properly we must meditate on general and specific light. The general light will be responsible for illuminating the area in a suitable way so that it can be used properly. In this case we observe how the general light illuminates the entire bathroom, due to its distribution throughout the space.

Add point light in key areas



Aside from the general lighting, in a bathroom it is convenient to have spot lights to perform some tasks, such as putting on makeup or shaving as opposed to the speculum, and it can also be precise in the shower area.

Without a doubt, the speculum belongs to the elements much more used in the bathroom, so it must have correct lighting. To avoid shadows on the face and see clearly, it is advisable to put the lights just above the speculum or to the sides, with lamps that generate a suit effect.

Opt for direct light



In the bathroom we have the possibility of having natural light, but always and at all times we must support it with artificial light, as we have seen in the previous examples. This light can be projected directly or indirectly, generating different effects.

Direct light is used much more in point lighting situations, where the light is intended for a precise area. Here we observe how 2 direct lighting ceiling placement is placed to use the bacha and the speculum.

Use indirect light to scope



On the other hand, indirect light is one that is not directed towards a point, but creates a bath of light suit in the space, used to make the general light of the bathroom. With this kind of lighting, a much dimmer light and a pleasant environment are achieved.

One way to do this is by creating a suspended ceiling with side lights, or inlaid gorges. In the photograph we also see how a line of light is applied to the bottom of the bathtub, adding a lot of style.

Combine cold with warm light



The temperature of the light is also an essential aspect to take into consideration when lighting a room in the home. In service spaces it is preferable to use cold lights, which do not distort colors and sustain us much more alarm.

But that does not mean that you can not use warm light in your bathroom, but you have to use them in combination to have the virtues of both. Cold light in the bathroom is ideal as general or spot light on the speculum, but you can use warm light for the shower or different ornamental light points.

Sets inlaid lights for even lighting



After seeing all the models of lights that we have the possibility to put in the bathroom, it is instant to see exactly in which corner of the area we will put those lights. The most used and aesthetic for these spaces is to use lights embedded in the ceiling.

These kinds of lights create a detached beam of light, which will help to quickly illuminate any area. Make sure that the fixtures are safe for the bathroom if you are going to put them over the shower, to serve as an example and that they resist well to humidity and heat.

Add style with pendant ceiling lights



Another genre of ceiling light that you can add to your bathroom is pendant lamps, which are sure to add a lot of personality to this space. This kind of lamp is perfect for general or point lighting, but it is better to distance it from the shower or bathtub to avoid accidents.

Lighting is both a usable and an aesthetic factor, so you can choose to add a design factor to your bathroom, as we can see in the photograph, while choosing the much more correct lighting.

Choose the wall to put your lamps



In the bathrooms, wall lights are also widely used, especially above or to the sides of the speculum, to achieve acceptable spot lighting. These types of lamps are considerably simpler to arrange and change, making it a simple way to update your bathroom.

Light up the speculum



A solution that contributes an ornamental factor to your modern bathroom and also the point light you need in the speculum. It is a concept that is sure to give your bathroom a very particular touch.

Integrate an ornamental look with sideboards lighting



This is an ideal sample case of ornamental or ambient light, which contributes an original luminous appearance to the space. Illuminate your sideboards with lights on the back, to make your models stand out.

A modern look with lights at the edges of the area



One way to integrate a futuristic look in the bathroom is by using light in the right way. In this case we observe how indirect light is used both at the junction of the walls with the ceiling and with the floor, creating a very particular environment.

Exploit the space under the furniture

Take advantage of the space under the furniture


Another way to integrate indirect light is to use the empty space under the furniture, creating a beam of light that will help you to know where you step. This kind of lighting is perfect to provide an original general light.

Combine different light resolutions



Undoubtedly, the best lighting is the one that conforms to the demands of each area of ​​the area, so you will have to consider combining different types of light to offer your bathroom the lighting it needs.

Match the style of the light with that of the bathroom



Now we understand what kind of lights are the best for the bathroom and at this moment we must focus on choosing the fixtures, the place where that light will come from. The highlight is to look for a lamp that fits the style of the bathroom and adds a designer look.

Get the best lighting for your bathroom

The lighting in service spaces, such as the bathroom, must first start from the occupation and make it a safe and comfortable space for us. Then, we have the possibility to bet on using it to our advantage in the decoration.

The moment you want to go back to planning your bathroom lighting, keep each and every one of these ideas in mind and choose the ones that best suit the size and style of your bathroom. We assure you that every day you will be grateful for having dedicated your time to properly lighting the bathroom since it will be a considerably more useful and pleasant space.

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