15 Solutions for a narrow and long living room: Furniture and decoration

There are many resolutions, ideas and tips to personalize a tight and elongated room, and, although each and every one is good, you should choose the ones that suit your room and your pretensions.

Since, although a tight room is a tight room here and in Japan, each of them has specific claims, requests and peculiarities, right?

For this reason I have listed these 15 narrow, long and short rooms, some small, others huge; So that, among each and every one of the resolutions that have been adopted to be decorated and furnished with success, you choose the one that truly fits your claims.

With the above mentioned, we will see these 15 resolutions to decorate and furnish a tight living room.

Prioritize the sofa

Solutions for a narrow room

Photography Marie Lyne Quirion

The sofa is the most essential piece of furniture in the living room, or most of them. If in your case it is likewise, buy or choose the sofa first.

A sofa in which you feel comfortable and at ease, regardless of whether you eat the lot.

Consider that, if you are one of those who use the sofa a lot, if you put a small one that does not fit your requests and in which you do not end up feeling comfortable, you will have a much clearer, but uncomfortable living room.

For this reason, if you want, need and enjoy a large sofa, bet on it. Of course, keep in mind that when prioritizing the sofa, you will probably have to make other sacrifices, such as a much smaller TV cabinet or do without it, among many other examples.

Look at the room above these lines. It has a huge, comfortable sofa, on which to watch TV, rest, gather friends or family, and so on. But the rest is mini.

In addition to this, even if you choose a wide, multi-seater sofa, try to choose the least bulky possible. There are visually partially small 4-seater sofas, and then 4-seater sofas that resemble buses. Look down:

4 seater quick cut sofa:

Light beige 4-seater sofa

Large 4-seater sofa:

Large 4-seater sofa

Which one would you say is much bigger? The second sofa, right? Anyway, the first is 40 cm much longer than the second, but the second looks much larger and heavy, right?

I do not want to say that the first sofa is better than the second. It is a sample case so that you can see that, although you want a large, 4-seater sofa, for example, you have no reason to get a sofa that looks like a tank.

There are huge quick-cut sofas, which are special for small narrow rooms.

Let’s continue:

Use the corners and architecture of your living room

Solutions for a narrow room

Design and Photography Jacquelyn Clark

If we place the furniture following the natural lines of the interior architecture of the living room, we are going to make it much more fluid, much more harmonious, making everything seem like it is in its natural corner.

Look at the room upstairs. A huge corner sofa has been put in the corner and it fits perfectly with it.

Not in all cases it is feasible to carry out this, but if you can, try to arrange the furniture to the natural lines of your living room, using corners, corners or any other idiosyncrasies that your living room has.

Let’s look at another solution for furnishing and personalizing a tight living room.

Do not put television

Solutions for a narrow room

Design and photography So Much Better With Age

This tip or solution to save space in a tight living room only works if you do not watch television.

There are quite a few people who do not watch television, but as the collective initiative of a telecentric room is so popular, when they furnish their living room, they always put on television and television furniture at all times, even if they do not use it.

If you do not use it, you can absolutely do without it, such as the TV cabinet, and gain space to put, for example, a fireplace, as we observed in the adjusted living room above these lines.

Or a library, or a dining room table, or whatever else you are going to use, instead of the television.

Let’s go on.

Mimic the furniture

Solutions for a narrow room

Something that works really well to integrate furniture in small or huge spaces is to color the walls the same color as the furniture, making them blend in with the walls and, visually, everything is much faster.

You only have to see the tight living room upstairs with white furniture and white walls, to offer you realize that what I say is true and go.

This advice comes in handy if you now have furniture, particularly in light tones and you want to offer a change to your adjusted living room without spending a lot: Paint the walls the same color and you will see the change.

Let’s look at a lot more resolutions for tight rooms.

Do not place a television cabinet

Solutions for a narrow room

Design and photography Studio Dotti

If you need yes or yes television in your living room, you can do without the TV cabinet and gain space or make the living room look much clearer.

Nowadays, practically all of us now have flat TVs that we have the possibility of having on the wall with TV stands at a very cheap price.

Thus, if you only use the TV cabinet to put the television, and you do not need storage space, you could consider the option of dispensing with the TV cabinet.

In the living room upstairs they did not put a television cabinet and they have hung the TV on the wall and, as you can see, the result is a tight but fast and clear room.

If you need a tv cabinet or you enjoy owning it, then you can carry out the next initiative:

Install a shelf

Solutions for a narrow room

A shelf as a TV cabinet will accept you having an area to put a television, such as some storage on our shelf, whether it is loose or in a box, for example.

But, as it is a shelf and not a piece of furniture, the living room will not lose depth, while the eye, even with the shelf on, can see the entire wall and it does not seem so overloaded or adjusted.

Let’s move on to another initiative:

Remove the curtains

Solutions for a narrow room

As long as you do not use them for a practical matter, such as regulating the light or having intimacy in the home, I am very much in favor of eliminating the curtains in small spaces.

They make the rooms look much larger, much brighter and, in the situation of the narrow rooms that have the window at the end of the room, like the one we see just above, they also make them look much wider.

Do you have curtains up?

Do the test. Take them off. Leave the house, have a beer and the moment you return home, you will see what a big difference and the collision that it causes you to see the living room without curtains.

And if you need curtains …

Solutions for a narrow room

If you put curtains, they are light and, if feasible, that they do not occupy the entire wall, as we observed in this room above.

If they fill the entire wall, and the eye does not see that section of wall, everything will seem much smaller, much tighter.

However, if they are light curtains and allow a wall to be seen, the eye sees continuity with the rest of the walls and the space does not seem so tight or so small.

Something as «small» as the type of curtains you put on can largely determine how you see your living room. So pay particular attention to this element because you can get a lot out of it.

Apart from the curtains, you can also use blinds, if you need to put something on the windows. In most cases they are much faster and have less visual weight than curtains.

Pay attention to architectural data

Solutions for a narrow room

Design and photography Apezinho by Nathy

Not in all cases it is feasible, but if you are going to reform or your living room has interesting architectural data such as double height ceilings, pits and footlights for lights, take advantage of them or have them installed in the renovation that you are going to carry out, to gain wealth visual and ornamental.

Notice in the room above how small and tight it is. Apart from being really well decorated, it is the ceiling with footlights and recessed double height spotlights that make this room have a modern and unique design that gives it a lot of personality, and a lot of style.

Exploit vertical space and heights

Solutions for a narrow room

The whole IKEA group

If you need a living room with furniture to store various things, no matter how small, always and at all times you will have the walls to add furniture and thus increase storage capacity.

In this room that we observe just above IKEA, we observe how multiple modules of the Billy shelf have been installed on the side of the window and another one above exactly the same, using the vertical space quite successfully.

Make it flirty, make it pretty

Solutions for a narrow room

Design and photography MeuApartamentinho

Think about each and every part before adding it, how it will be, how it will show itself and with the rest of the elements.

Everything you add that is to beautify the group.

Look but rather at the room above, how tight and small it is, and yet it gives off personality, it is perfectly adorned, it is beautiful, flirtatious and captivating. It does not lack appearance!

Communicate the interior with the exterior

Solutions for a narrow room

To make this solution for narrow rooms it is a requirement to carry out reform, while the initiative is to have a window instead of a door in the wall that leads to the terrace.

Multiple floors can enter the terrace through an easy door.

A concept to visually enlarge the living room and make it much larger is to make it appear with the terrace or balcony, through a huge window, without walls, in such a way that it seems that the living room extends to the outside.

Then it is in your hand or not, to incorporate curtains. If you do not add them, the feeling of depth and cohesion of the exterior and interior spaces will be greater.

No furniture missions by force

Solutions for a narrow room

Design and photography Centsational Style

In most cases, we all want a region of sofas and another to eat in the living room. Achieving in this way the traditional dining room of always.

And that’s fine as long as it’s not forced. If you have space in the kitchen to have a dining table, but not in this way in the living room, it is preferable that you do not shoehorn it and use that region that you were going to put the table in to add other elements.

In the living room upstairs it was decided to add a seating region that completes the sofa region and does not oversaturate the space, and the result is, to say the least, captivating.

All of the above as long as you have space in the kitchen to eat, of course.

Don’t add much more decoration than you need

Solutions for a narrow room

Design and photography Toy house

Only with the precise and fair furniture, you can get a gazette room, no matter how tight it is and no matter how little furniture you have.

As long as you add them wisely, with prior planning and study of your space, you will achieve a truly captivating environment.

The room upstairs shows us this initiative in its much purest state.

It has just the right furniture and decor for a small space, but each part looks on its own, and the whole group makes a really nice, finished living room. He does not need anything, nor does he have enough.

Caution with visual effects when coloring

Solutions for a narrow room

Design and photography Rose on the Row

This upstairs room is well decorated, beyond which it could have been used much more and make it seem much wider than it is.

If you notice, they have painted the walls black except for the region of the windows, which have been painted white. This causes the living room to appear visually still much tighter than it is.

If you don’t want to make mistakes with paint, check out these tips for editing a space with paint.

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