10 simple and beautiful Christmas tables that you can easily assemble this year

Without adversities, without excesses, without adversities or many adornments. In this way are these 10 easy and cute Christmas tables that we are going to see now and that you can set up this year at home.

We are going to see them and I will tell you the data of each one so that you can replicate them with total success. We begin:

Easy and minimalist in neutral tones

Simple and beautiful Christmas table in white and gray tones.

Design and photography Nina Holst | Instagram @stylizimoblog

This precious Christmas table so simple feeds on neutral tones and simplicity to give it that beauty it has.

On a tablecloth in soft gray tones, white plates have been placed with a small crown each made with eucalyptus leaves, which are easy to get, flavored and very appropriate for these dates.

While each of them you use the sheets you want.

And as for the rest, the totally transparent glass crockery, the silver-toned cutlery and a chandelier with white candles in the middle of the table.

It doesn’t have much more, it doesn’t require much more; It’s an easy Christmas table to customize and assemble, and really pretty, right?

Let’s look at another simple Christmas table model:

Easy Christmas table in red and gold

Simple and pretty Christmas table in red and gold

Design and photography Beth Hunter from Home Stories A to Z | Instagram @homestoriesatoz

This other Christmas table is much more classic, but in the same way really simple to assemble. You only have to see it to be able to see that what I say is true.

He does not use a tablecloth. The table is so beautiful that it is worth displaying without a tablecloth.

As for the rest, a garland of green leaves was placed in the middle of the table, attached with a few golden candlesticks with white candles.

And later, each diner has their utensils, crockery and cutlery in a mix of red and gold.

Come on, if you buy the plates, napkins, private tablecloths and cutlery in red and gold, you do not only need to add a garland and some lanterns or candlesticks in the middle of the table. Much simpler unrealizable.

Well, it is viable, like the table we see now:

In black and white

Simple and pretty christmas table in black and white

Design and Photography Amy Kim from Homey Oh My | Instagram @homeyohmy

Look closely, it looks like a Christmas table with a developed decoration, but only far from the truth.

This beautiful Christmas table is too simple to replicate.

On a white tablecloth, add a green garland in the middle of the table, attached with some pinecones and white candle holders.

So, a black and white crockery and cutlery. No more and no more.

A Christmas table with an easy, strong decoration, with personality and very ornamental; apart from updated, since black and white creates a very modern aesthetic.

Let’s look at the next model:

Round and natural

Simple and pretty round Christmas table in natural tones

Design and photography Living Liesel | Instagram @livingliesel

If your table is round, look at what a beautiful example you have above these lines to decorate your table this year, with a captivating rustic touch, and in a really simple way.

A nice huge Christmas centerpiece made with holly leaves. You can do it yourself or you can get it done now.

Once you place the centerpiece, you just have to put the crockery and cutlery on some vegetable fiber trivets such as wicker or jute and you will have a simple and really beautiful Christmas table to assemble.

Let’s look at another simple table initiative that you can customize this Christmas.

An easy Christmas table with prominent contrast

Simple and beautiful black Christmas table.

Design and Photography Therese Knutsen | Instagram @bythereseknutsenno

If your dining table is dark in color, like the one we observed above in this paragraph, you can make a really simple decoration using white and light tones in the rest of the elements to produce contrast.

Take a good look at the table and you will see that it has a decoration that is too easy to replicate and is super pretty.

You don’t need a tablecloth.

White plates, linen napkin, gold cutlery, a few small sprigs of eucalyptus on top of each plate and now you are. Simple truth?

Let’s continue with another model.

In green and gold on a huge white background

Simple and pretty Christmas table in gold, green and white tones

Design and Photography Caroline Burke from Burkatron | Instagram @burkatron

This is within the much more distinguished tables of each and every one of those that we see, but not for this reason it is much more developed or difficult. But its distinction lies in its ease.

In its ease and in the elements that make it up, obviously.

You need a white tablecloth with a garland of pine needles to place in the center of the table, attached with distinguished and fine gold chandeliers with white candles.

An all white and easy crockery, and a gold cutlery, to match the chandeliers.

Then you can finish off the table decoration by adding string-tied napkins and a sprig of pine needles to each plate. Beautifull.

Let’s move on to another table.

Pretty and with a rustic air

Rustic and simple christmas table

Design and Photography Boxwood Avenue | Instagram @boxwoodavenue

If you have a wooden table with as much presence and personality as the one we observed above, you deserve to leave it without a tablecloth, even if it is only one night.

See what a pretty and easy decoration you can put together.

You need a linen table path, or jute canvas or burlap, which are very easy to find.

On the table path you put a garland of pine needles and some golden candlesticks with white candles.

White plates and gold cutlery with a linen napkin. And you don’t need much more.

A simple and really pretty Christmas table.

Let’s look at another table.

Traditional in shades of red and green

Simple and pretty Christmas table in red and green

Design and photography Shannon Fox | Instagram @foxhollowcottage

If you enjoy using the traditional colors of Christmas such as red and green to decorate your table, here we see an excellent example that uses these colors with ease and total success.

On a white crocheted tablecloth, a garland of green leaves with certain red pomegranates has been placed, and in the center of the table, a centerpiece with white candles.

A nice aspect is the trivets made of tree slices that decorate and warm the whole table.

To top it all off, glasses in red tones give it the right touch of color, without excesses.

There are many more models of tables, let’s look at another one:

A simple and updated Christmas table with quite a bit of charm

Modern simple and beautiful Christmas table in white and green tones

This other table borders on minimalism and ease with a charm that elevates table decoration to the category of art.

On a white tablecloth a garland of green pine needles was placed, attached with certain golden candlesticks with white candles.

So, some minimalist plates and gold cutlery on washed linen napkins.

Much easier and more beautiful can not be. Well, the reality that it can be much simpler. Look down:

Easy Christmas table with subtle color accents

Simple and pretty Christmas table

Design and photography Julie Blanner | Instagram @julieblanner

This other easy Christmas table has practically exactly the same elements as the previous one. He really has less, since at this table a white tablecloth has not been used as in the previous one.

As for the rest, gold cutlery, white easy plates with a sprig of holly and cinnamon, and a huge table runner made with a thick garland of pine needles and white candles.

Well, as you can see, you should not invest enough to personalize a beautiful table this Christmas. With 4 things, as it is commonly expressed, and with a few appropriate elements you will be able to have a simple Christmas table but with a gazette decoration.

Which one do you prefer? I read you in the comments. And if you think that these tables have the possibility of attracting a friend or family member, share them. Thanks!

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