10 original designs for a bathroom


I think that with the «authentic» thing I have fallen short. I have not known get a better word to determine what the next designs They have the ability to lend to those who enjoy them in their bathroom, as they are unique on the planet and most of them are not for sale due to peculiarities.

I invite you not to miss a single one because at least they will amaze you. Shall we start?

Hammock-shaped bathtub


The hammocks are not only to enjoy the good weather on a terrace. We also managed to find them in the bathroom thanks to this intelligent design of the British of Splinter Works, who knew how to offer it a curved shape without jeopardizing the safety of those who have the privilege of taking a bath that is much more atypical and pleasant.

Carpet carried out with moss


A plant like moss, which likes wet soil and shade, can’t feel bad about being used as a bathroom rug. In truth that’s what he thought Nguyen la chanh before getting down to business with a design that at least went around the globe.

The invisible bathtub


You can boast of a bathtub for its shapes and its technology, but you can also do it for the opposite. Is there a much more subtle pattern than the one you can see on these lines? There is no doubt not. Stern McCafferty It left us all with our mouths open with this bathtub that does not let you be completely covered by a lot of foam that you are with the ability to accumulate in the area.

Lavatory with fish tank


The thing is strange, so this sink with a fish tank could not be left out. While you wash your face and hands, the fish are moving in a small space that is like that of a normal and ordinary fish tank, only that in the center there is a hole through which the water that we use to clean ourselves is strained. We could see it in Opulent Elements.

Bicycle that serves as a lavatory

bicycle-wash basin

The number of uses that you can offer to a bicycle that you are not going to use to move around the town. In truth, it can even become the most remarkable accompaniment to the sink, as well as you can check in the image that is exposed much above.

Lavatory in the arctic


White in color and with a hole that reminds us of the one formed in the ice sheets in the Arctic, this sink allows you ice cream, although you are always and at all times in time to open the hot water tap to heat the field. KOKO Architects are the cause of its revolutionary design.

The Yellow Submarine’s Bath


In such a case, you should not talk about one part of the bathroom specifically, but rather about the entire bathroom. The work is not finished much less in a week, since it has a succession of mosaics that run throughout many the walls and the ceiling. In addition to this, right above the bathtub is the periscope, an essential part to feel like in a serious submarine.

Bath not capable for people with vertigo


Of the recharged as much easy. So easy that you feel that there is no ground and that you leave to fall from several meters high. Undoubtedly, it is not a capable bathroom for all those who suffer from vertigo, since the feeling that you can fall any time thanks to the glass that leaves the floor exposed.

Free-standing glass bathtub


The freestanding bathtubs they are a gem. It is very difficult to see them in small bathrooms, since at the time when the meters are always scarce and at all times we choose resolutions such as exploiting the corners to put the bathtub. They are homonymous with distinction and some have an irrepressible traditional design. It is the situation that can be seen in the image, although seeing that it is completely transparent, it breaks with all kinds of conventions. The Belarusian Kiryl Miahkou It is who has delighted us with this model.

Amethyst Lavatory


In the event that you are passionate about minerals and you collect fascicles on the matter from the moment you were little, you will not be able to resist this washbasin made with amethyst, which is a violet macrocrystalline plurality of quartz that does not go unnoticed.

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