10 impressive sinks.

It seems that the lavatories are not paid much attention. This impression is based on the hundreds and hundreds of homes that I have visited, where the lavatory does not stand out in the least except on several occasions. And, currently, having the enormous range of designs when it comes to sinks is related, we should not settle for a standard one, unless that is our intention. To inspire you and to show you the considerable amount of different designs that we have the possibility to choose for our modern washbasin, we have put together a small selection of 10 amazing modern sinks. Let’s go to see her.


Lavatory Motif. From the Omvivo compilation we were able to find different designs and finishes like the one we see in the image made of natural stone, coral or glass. Very elegant and timeless. Much more information on Omvivo.


Lavatory Spoon. An incredible modern designed washbasin that mimics a shapeless teardrop with a huge bead for convenient use. Much more information at PhilipWattsdesign.


Footprint Lavatory. An incredible washbasin with a minimalist cut, very elegant and fine, with a basin with an abstract design made by the firm Catalano.


Kalla Lavatory. An incredible sink made from a single part of cristalplant developed by Oriano Favaretto for Mastelladesign.


The invisible lavatory. Victor Vasilev offers us this washbasin with a minimalist design taken to the extreme, since depending on what situation you look at, it can still be invisible to the eye of the beholder.


Bathroom One. A system of modules for the bathroom developed in wood in which the shower, the toilet and the sink under the wood are inside, developed by Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodríguez for Rapsel.


Lavatory Water Map. A sink that mimics a topographic map. The water flows through the conduits like river channels. The design of the grooves through which the water passes, mimics the streets of central London in the 18th century. Much more information on Kononenkoid.


The living lavatory. This other sink with a futuristic design is that it comes inside a kitchen developed by Michael Harboun, which uses nanotechnology so that we have the possibility to interact with it, creating the design of the sink that we want just by touching it with our fingers. It’s still a startup anyway, but you can see a lot more data on this impressive kitchen at Michael Harboun.


The Fusion Lavatory. The fusion of the bathtub and the sink results in this incredible bathroom part with an impeccable way that fits the human body. Much more information in Desnahemisfera.


Lavatory Z. Pudil. A beautiful suspended lavatory with a unique, modern and impressive oval look with a water repellent area and a satisfying touch. Much more information on Archiexpo.

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