10 ideas to renovate the bathroom without doing any works


The bathroom is getting much more every time importance in the house. And it happens that besides considering it a space to carry out their claims and clean up, many people see it as the most remarkable corner to find the essential peace and relaxation after an exhausting day, or as the ideal corner to recharge the batteries and, in this way, to be able to face the day with energy.

In order for the bathroom to transmit good experiences, it is a requirement that it be well decorated and tidy. In addition to this, it should not look old or out of style. As we know that the economy is not to shoot rockets and that, generally, the crowd does not like to get involved in projects, today in Home ideas We want to offer you 10 good ideas to update this room without carrying out any renovations. Do you like to join us?

Paint the walls

One of the much easier and cheaper ways to give your bathroom a new look is to color the walls. Of course, it is essential that you keep in mind that you do not have to obtain any painting, but rather models concrete for this stay. In addition to this, it is a good initiative that before coloring, you apply a molded pre-cover to the bathroom. Obviously, if your bathroom is tiled, you will have to obtain a particular paint for tiles.


When it comes to colors, the ideal is to lean towards shades clear and cold, which provide freshness, spaciousness, illumination and relaxation.

Paint the furniture

Naturally, replacing old furniture with new furniture pieces is a great option for updating your bathroom. In addition to this, this will not imply carrying out projects. Of course, you have to know that you will be able to make your bathroom furniture simulate others by giving them a hand of painting. Obviously, if the furniture is broken or aged, you will also have to restore it. In our product «Steps to put a piece of furniture back» we offer you the keys to offer an exclusive life to an old piece of furniture.

Wallpaper the walls

When we think about decorating the walls of a bathroom, the option of wallpaper does not usually come to mind. However, you have to know that in the market you will be able to locate designs concrete for this stay. Thanks to the wallpaper you will be able to find that your bathroom looks like another.


It is not required that you wallpaper each and every one of the walls of the room. Only highlighting part of the walls (for example, the upper one) or a single wall is going to be enough.

Change the faucet

Another attractive option to give the bathroom a new look is to change the faucet. In the market you will be able to get proposals of all classes and capitals, introducing very economical options, such as those given IKEA in its bathroom catalog for 2017. If you want a much bolder and more up-to-date alternative, you can opt for taps with LED technology, with real lights that can even change color.

A new soil

Is your bathroom floor outdated or in a deplorable state? Don’t worry! You can change its appearance without the need to carry out projects! In truth, there are many pavements that can be placed directly on the ground. that exists. It is the situation of vinyl floors and resin.


If you think about changing the pavement of your bathroom, we advise you to take a look at our product «The most outstanding bathroom floors».

Novel lighting

Your bathroom may not look the way it should because of poor lighting. In this sense, what you have to take into consideration is that the ideal thing is to have different sources of light, paying particular attention to the lighting near the speculum. If your bathroom is only a few square meters and does not have natural light sources, we advise you to take a look at our product «Ideas for decorating small bathrooms without natural light».

Fill the room with plants

As much as you think that is not true, decorating your bathroom with plants will be able to make the room look like another. It does not matter what ornamental style or what colors prevail in the room; the green of plants looks good in any space. Naturally, adding flowers is also an amazing concept.


Do you enjoy the initiative to integrate plants in this room? Do not miss our product «10 special plants to decorate the bathroom».

Add a heated towel rail

Sometimes, to update a room it is enough to enter a recent item. In the bathroom situation, it can be an incredible initiative to add a heated towel rail which, in addition to this, is an incredible solution for save money space. Obviously, this alternative is also ideal to hide radiators, which for many people are very unsightly.

New add-ons

There is an even simpler and cheaper alternative to updating the bathroom without doing projects. We are talking about replacing the room accessories with new ones. For example, you can change your curtain shower for a much more cheerful and attractive, more than anything at this time that summer is very near.


Adding new towels, rugs and soap dishes is also an incredible initiative. In addition to this, certain elements Ornamentals will give your bathroom a particular touch such as, for example, paintings and photographs.

Update the toilets

Finally, we want to suggest that you update the toilets. And do not think that we are referring to moving them for new ones. And it happens that by giving them a paint cover you will make them look like new ones. Although the most common is color showers, bathtubs, sinks and toilets in white, you can also opt for much bolder tones.

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