10 ideal plants to decorate the bathroom


The plants They are welcome at any season of the year, but more than anything we must propose to introduce them in the different rooms of our home at the time when spring arrives, since they give life to the spaces and sustain the clean and new air. Obviously, you will be able to introduce them in each and every one of the locations of your home, introducing the bedroom and bathroom.

When selecting plants for the bathroom, you will have to take into consideration that this is a humid and warm room. Hence, we are talking about a perfect space to personalize with indoor plants, especially with certain species. Today in Home ideas We want to propose 10 plants that are ideal for this essential room in the home. Would you like to join us?



First of all, we want to suggest bamboo, a plant that will help you offer a touch Zen to your bathroom. In addition to this, it is essential that you keep in mind that it thrives really well in humid corners and with little natural light.



Another perfect plant for the bathroom is sansevieria, as it perfectly resists humidity and the lack of natural light. On the other hand, thanks to the green of its leaves, which are decorated with a border yellow, it will bring a lot of life to the space. In addition to this, you should know that it suppresses toxins.



Naturally, it is also a good initiative that you introduce flowers. Among the much more advisable are orchids. Of course, you have to know that the much more correct for this space are the vandas, the dendrobium and the cattleyas, as long as they resist humidity well. You also have to take into account that, at least once a week, they have to receive sunlight.

Leño from Brazil


We also want to propose the log from Brazil, a plant that likes the heat. One of its enormous virtues is that it does not need a watch out hard. In addition to this, its huge leaves are very showy. Of course, you should know that it needs a lot of light, although indirect, which is convenient for bathrooms with windows.



We could not forget about the philodendron, an ideal plant for humid environments that, in addition to this, does not need several care. On the other hand, you have to know that the Feng shui Suggest to put it near the toilet or sink to reduce the drain energy of the water.



We also want to tell you about ferns, as their variations are ideal for the bathroom. Especially, they are advisable for low-light bathrooms. Like the philodendron, ferns do not need several cares, so they are ideal for people with little moment of freedom.



Like ferns, ivy is also ideal for bathrooms with little natural light. Of course, it is essential that you have in mind that only 2 varieties ivy are indicated to grow in the inside. We are talking about common ivy and Canary ivy.

Peace Flower


Another ideal plant for the bathroom is the so-called Flower of Peace, which has a beautiful white lily as a flower, which will give it a super touch particular to your bathroom. One of the considerable virtues of this plant is that it does not need much light.



How could it be otherwise, we must also talk about potos or potus that, although it is not friend from the dark, it does resist well in bathrooms that receive some natural light.



Finally, we want to talk about signonio, a plant that requires little water and does not require sunlight direct. Even so, it is suitable for lighted bathrooms.

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