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The return to the routine, to work and to classes makes a better and perfect organization essential. Do we start with the hall? If you urgently need a practical and organized entrance to your home, you will like our article today. We share 10 functional hallways from which you will be able to get ideas, both for decoration and distribution. We hope that these environments will assist you to make the hall special, which adjusts to your expectations and at the end of the day that it makes your life much simpler.


Depending on the people who make up the family and the occupations you carry out, you will have specific claims. An organizer panel with baskets for mail, keys, accessories, etc … is what I need.


Although this blackboard would also be great for me, I really like blackboards!


How attractive this integration! Low modules with storage space, shelves and a bar for the jackets (all from Ikea)


If you are an enthusiast of order, and you enjoy everything in its place, nothing better than cabinets with their doors and drawers, where you will be able to have everything tidy and out of sight. This composition also from Ikea.


A practical hall can also be nice.



Hangers with sideboards, benches, or relief furniture, will help you maintain order in your hall.


Although finally the best solution is a closet, do you have room?



Otherwise hangers and baskets have the possibility of being your salvation.

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