10 cheap and simple accessories to give a new look to your bathroom.

Are you thinking of offering a new style to your bathroom? Are you worried that the budget will get out of hand? Don’t worry about the fact that we’ve put together a list of 10 items basic, routine, elements that we all use in the bathroom that changing them for new ones, will give your bathroom another whole new area for very little money.

We have brought a selection of 10 items, we do not pretend that you like them all, what we intend with this post, is that you see that with little money and changing 4 basic things that we use, we have the possibility of updating and equipping our bathroom with a completely new air. Let’s see them !!

Towels!! They are the primary element in a bathroom, if not the primary one of the primary elements that are required in the toilet. A nice set of towels, I mean nice, inexpensive, can change the look of your bathroom quite a bit.

agatha ruiz de la prada towels

Soap dispensers are essential in the same way, and since we must use them, why not choose ones that are also ornamental? You can get these dispensers here.

soap dispensers

Another precise complement is the bathroom rugs, there are several types and in addition to this they have the possibility of combining with the curtains and with the towels creating a highly visible ornamental group. You have them distinguished, beautiful or authentic to serve as an example.

bathroom rugs

Some shelves or a shelf, or perhaps a beautiful bathroom furniture made of wicker baskets, apart from being practical, it is very captivating and ornamental. This beautiful piece of furniture you can get here.1? Ff3 = 4 & pub = 5574930179 & toolid = 10001 & campid = 5336717114 & customid = furniture + wicker ++ ba% C3% B1o & mpt =[CACHEBUSTER]

wicker basket chest of drawers

And if we choose a matching finished group where soap dish, dispenser, brush holders are well combined, they surely decorate and quite our sink. You can get these bathroom sets here at Ikea.

bathroom accessories ikea 2

Of course, something that cannot be lacking in a toilet is soap, both to use to decorate. Check out these cute soaps wrapped in captivating paper. You can get these soaps here.

set of 2 soaps

This other accessory is completely essential unless you have a screen, it is a shower curtain, you have them distinguished, beautiful, complex or, to give an example, authentic and entertaining.

shower curtains 2

Deciding on a pretty and wielding bin likewise contributes a lot to the bathroom. You can get this cube here Kamir

trash can bathroom

And if your ornamental style is a very elegant, modern, avant-garde style, surely toothbrush holders like these, apart from being precise, are the ideal complement to decorate your bathroom.

toothbrush holder

And of course, the most special object in the bathroom, the speculum. There are many models that it would be very difficult to make you select between one, for this reason, we leave you a link to Ikea where they have dozens and dozens of ornamental specula at a good price. You can get these specula here at Ikea.

ikea mirrors

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